Let's Sketch on Location: The Thumbnail Sketch
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All of these drawings are reproduced actual size. In the drawings on the left you will notice simple diagrams that I did trying to think out the formal elements of the composition, primarily dealing with visual balance. The paintings on the next page are also reproduced actual size, though the originals were in color. These were done directly without any preliminary drawing, yet were done as thumbnails, drawing the simple shapes directly with watercolor.

The above drawing was done with a fountain pen; the wash was added by bleeding the ink with water. This, again, is reproduced actual size.

This drawing of the piazza of Orvieto with the duomo on the right combines both a thumbnail and a detail of the thumbnail. The drawing below is of the local citizens later arguing politics on the steps of the duomo. In doing the drawing of the detail above and the figures below, I used the approach discussed in Chapter One.

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