The MYSTERY! of Edward Gorey
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"The way to Hell is down the well."

In spite of himself, he caused a genuine love affair with his public. For sure he was an immensely brilliant and intelligent man and his work haunts me always. In the most respectful way, Edward, I bid you good night.... and may I have the last line...

"Whoever enters Edward's house, beware!
That lemon cake is still lurking there."

Footnote: Derek's animation group was composed of Eugene Fedorenko, Rose Newlove, Janet Perlman, and music composer Normand Roger.

Derek Lamb began his film career as an animator-writer with the National Film Board of Canada in Montreal in the early Sixties. He has taught animation at Harvard and McGill Universities and the National Institute of Design, India. From 1976 to 1982, Derek was executive director of animation at the National Film Board of Canada, Montreal. He has been honored with many international film and television awards; including producer of two Academy Award Oscar winning films for animation, Special Delivery (1979) and Every Child (1980). He was the executive producer on the British Academy Award winner, The Hockey Sweater (1982). During the past ten years Derek has worked with children's organizations such as Save the Children, Norway, Street Kids international and UNICEF, on productions promoting health and education for poor and marginalized children around the world. At present, with partners, Kai Pindal and Jeff Schon, he is developing an animated TV series, Peep, with WGBH, Boston, designed to introduce elementary-science to pre-schoolers. This fall, with partners Jeff Hale and Toonz Animation India, Derek will write and direct a short-cartoon, The Last British Colonel in India, a send-up of the British Empire in India. Derek lives and works in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Tracie Smart is a writer and musician living in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She has collaborated with Derek Lamb on the writing of several film and animation productions that includes segments of the Meena series for UNICEF South Asia, and the up-coming science series Peep for WGBH, Boston. Tracie's debut music album, "Echoes in the Dark," can be heard on Stone by Stone Records. Her new release, "Deeper Stills," will be released this Fall.

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