The 2000 British Animation Awards
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Mark Baker (on right) and Neville Astley (on left), directors of the BBC series The Big Knights.
Tim Hope directed the fantasy Wolfman, winner of Best Film at the Cutting Edge and Public Choice New Perspectives.
Peter Peake receives the Public Choice Favourite Film award for Humdrum, also one of this year's Oscar nominees.
Kingston University student Kunyi Chen wins the Mari Kuttna Award for Best Student Film.

Two titles enjoyed double wins. The Big Knights, directed by Neville Astley and Mark Baker, picked up the awards for Best Adult Series (a new category) and Most Creative Use of New Technologies. A send up of chivalric sagas, the BBC series features Sir Boris, Sir Morris and their noble pets Sir Horace, the dog, and Sir Doris, the hamster. Meanwhile, Tim Hope's six-minute short The Wolfman won Best Film at the Cutting Edge, as well as New Perspectives, one of the three Public Choice awards. A mad-scientist yarn, Wolfman opens like a Universal horror pic but takes on more cosmic dimensions.

One of the most popular single winners, judging by the audience response, was Humdrum, Peter Peake's Aardman film that was also in the running for this year's Oscars. Instead of the studio's better-known claymations, this extols the virtues of shadow-puppets. It snapped up Public Choice Favourite Film, while Joanna Quinn's Wife of Bath's Tale won the Craft award. Wife of Bath is a segment of S4C's Canterbury Tales film, which was Oscar-nominated in 1999. Joanna Quinn is best known for shorts such as Girl's Night Out and Britannia, as well as the children's film Famous Fred.

Joanna Quinn receiving her Craft award for The Wife of Bath's Tale, one segment of the Oscar-nominated Canterbury Tales.

Elsewhere, children's TV was represented by Cosgrove Hall's The Fox Busters (director Jon Doyle), which won Best Children's Series, and King Rollo's endearing Maisy (director Leo Nielsen), which won Best Pre-School Series. The dark, true story Silence, directed by Orly Yadin and Sylvie Bringas from the memories of Tana Ross, took Best Film Over Seven Minutes. While in the Seven Minutes and Under category, Jonathan Hodgson's The Man With the Beautiful Eyes triumphed. Undergraduate Kunyi Chen of Kingston University took the Mari Kuttna Award for Best Student Film for her two-and-a-half minute Rien.

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