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September 1999 Vol. 4, No. 6

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It's Show Time! The Fall TV Preview
Get ready, new TV is on its way. Amid Amidi takes a whirl through the upcoming season's highlights and also notes some trends for which we should be on the lookout.

Interactive Television: Are We There Yet?
Interactive television with its animated real-time games has been a hit across the globe but not here in the States. Sharon Schatz profiles the first venture in the US arena Throut & Neck, and probes why there aren't more.

Bob Clampett, Boy Wonder Of Stage C

Everyone knows the Bob Clampett of Termite Terrace, but what about the Bob Clampett that received 3 Emmies for one of television's first daily live puppet shows, Time for Beany? Robert Story was there and tells us this and other stories.

Inside Japan's Beloved Toei Animation
Mayumi Tachikawa visits Toei Animation makers of such hits as Dragonball. More than Japan's leading animation studio and one of the world's largest, Toei is a cultural institution.

The Story Behind Fats & Moe
Screenwriter Annabelle Perrichon and director Jean-Louis Bompoint explain how a couple of zoot suited Jazz players, escaping Big Apple mobsters were brought to life by a French creative team. This article features a QuickTime movie!

Stepping Backwards to Move Ahead
Some days it seems that there isn't an original idea on TV. The same ol' characters are rehashed and rewarmed repeatedly. However, Martin "Dr. Toon" Goodman, takes a look at how sometimes what's old can become what is new.


Jamie Thomason: Casting and Directing Disney Television
Jamie Thomason is one of the busiest people in the directing/casting industry, responsible for Walt Disney Television Animation's entire line-up. Read what he has to say on celebrities, demo reels, acting and more.

Hearing From The Hercules Celebrities
Disney's Hercules is the record holder for the largest single-season voice cast in the history of TV animation. Let's hear from Kathie Lee Gifford, Jon Favreau, Diedrich Bader, French Stewart, Linda Hamilton and James Woods, why animation really is a whole new world...

An Interview With Kris Zimmerman On Voice Directing & Timing
Laura Schiff interviews voice director Kris Zimmerman about her approach to nailing down the best performance time after time.


Building A New British Empire: A Tribute to Clare Kitson
When Clare Kitson announced that she was resigning from her post as Commissioning Editor of Animation for the UK's Channel 4, the news moved like wild fire, bringing with it tremendous sadness. Animation World Magazine is proud to host this forum for the many who wanted to thank Clare for her support, inspiration and contributions to the animation industry.

The History of Channel 4 and The Future of British Animation
Irene Kotlarz puts the status of animation at Channel 4 in perspective by insightfully looking to the Channel's origins and the current animation market in the UK.


Getting That First Voiceover Role
What are the "dos" and "don'ts" of becoming a voice actor? We asked producers, directors, and casting and voice directors for their input.


San Francisco's Cartoon Art Museum
Rod Gilchrist profiles San Francisco's Cartoon Art Museum, which is dedicated to conserving and presenting cartoon art, as well as nurturing art appreciation.


The Pride of the Pioneers
A Retrospective on The Story of Computer Graphics Documentary
Kellie-Bea Cooper asks everyone from pioneers to students just what they thought about the new, highly regarded SIGGRAPH documentary. Also features Quicktime video interviews by Diana Cracknell.

SIGGRAPH '99: Where's the Rest of the Zoo?
Jennifer Champagne enjoyed the exhibition booths, the screenings, the TechnOasis and more, but thought the floor seemed a little more sparse than in years gone by...

San Diego Comic-Con '99: More Than Fat, Sweaty Guys
Amid Amidi reports on Comic-Con, a festival of popular culture that is not to be missed.


Yellow Submarine's Second Strange Odyssey To The Screen
Most animation and Beatles fans know Yellow Submarine is a great film, but why did it take 17 years for MGM to revive this classic in theaters and 12 years to bring it back to video stores? Karl Cohen relates the unusual circumstances that led to the film's re-emergence on the silver screen.


The Commotion About Puffin's New Software
Max Sims decides Puffin Designs' Commotion 2.1. is a tool for compositing, painting and previewing moving images, that is worth writing home about.


Animation World News
Disney Earnings Decline, (Colossal) Pictures Closes Its Doors, Film Roman Reports Losses, Stop-Motion Animator David Allen Dies, Musical Chairs, Seeing Spots, AWN Animated Box Office Report, Mainframe Acquires Scary Godmother, Warner Renames The Downtowners, and much more!

On A Desert Island With. . . .Cartoon Network Creative Executives
This month we hear the favs from four Cartoon Network creative execs.


Plympton's Pundits by Bill Plympton

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