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April 1999 Vol. 4, No. 1

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Walt Disney's Make Mine Music: A Reassessment
Robin Allan takes a second look at Make Mine Music, a mixed bag of animated shorts joined into a feature, and analyzes what it meant to the Disney Studios during its tumultuous post-WWII period.

Animation and Music: You Can't Have One Without The Other
Animating to music seemed to be a lost art in television animation until two producers at Disney decided to bring it back. Tony Craig explains how he and his animation partner re-created the days of yore.

Whap! Zing! and A Holler: Animation Sound Design
Michael Geisler, sound effects editor and designer, discusses the elements of successful sound design and the considerations that must be taken when approaching a project.

Celebrity Voice Actors: The New Sound of Animation
As animation hits the big time, more and more hotshot celebs are appearing in cartoons. Is it unfair to voice-only actors or a necessary marketing move? Joe Bevilacqua investigates the many sides to this issue...


On Winning an Oscar...
While the entire world recognizes the Oscar, past winners reflect on what the statue means to them, and more importantly, their careers. The answers will surprise you.

The Oscar Short List
Five other possible nominees...Animation World Magazine exhibits the five animation films that were short listed in the 1999 Oscars race, but unfortunately, weren't nominated. Includes QuickTime movie clips.


Latin American Animation In Havana
Lèa Zagury gives us a taste of The Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano in Havana, one of the most important venues for Latin American filmmakers.

A Chat with Hernán Henriquez
Hernán Henriquez, one of Cuba's animation legends, speaks about his role in Cuban animation history and working in Castro's country. Lèa Zagury leads the conversation. Available in English and Spanish.


Vilppu Drawing Online: From the General to the Specific
Renowned drawing instructor Glenn Vilppu offers the sixth installment in his bi-monthly Animation World Magazine online drawing course.


The Tampere International Short Film Festival
Heikki Jokinen reviews the Tampere Festival in Finland, a unique short film festival that makes sure animation NEVER gets second-billing.

ImagIna `99: Innovative Villages and Dancing Babies
1999 was a key year for ImagIna, Europe's premier computer technology showcase and festival. Held in both Monaco and Paris for the first time, Stéphane Singier is happy to report that the 18th edition of the event came through with flying colors.


Predicting the Future of Futurama
From production values to witty quips, Matt Groening's long-awaited Simpsons follow up, Futurama, is scoring high with the students at The Savannah College of Art and Design. Matt Shumway and Lamont Wayne report.

Sunrise Over Tiananmen Square
Maureen Furniss reviews this compelling Oscar-nominated animated documentary that depicts the filmmaker Shui-Bo Wang's perception of Chinese Communism from his childhood to the massacre. Includes a QuickTime movie clip.

Malicious Balloons and Flying Lingerie: Spike and Mike's 1999 Classic Festival of Animation
Spike and Mike's latest collection of shorts reveal an award-winning, crowd-pleasing line-up for animation connoisseurs. Wendy Jackson goes for the ride.

Whistle A Happy `Toon' -- A Review of The King and I
While steering clear of true innovation, The King and I does manage to add some interesting twists to the time-honored musical. Ilene Renee Gannaway reports.

Doug's 1st Movie: Wholesome Fare Finds the Big Screen
There are no surprises here! Bill Mikulak reviews this home video-turned-motion picture that is sure to please young Doug fans.


Animation World News
Dreamworks TV Shuts Down, Comedy Central Promotes Larry Divney to the Top, Pink Panther Designer Dies, A Bug's Life hits $300 million worldwide, Fox Fills Primetime With Cartoons, MouseWorks Debuts In May and Richard Williams To Teach Masterclass.


Plymp-Gags by Bill Plympton

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