December 1998 Vol. 3, No. 9

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Editor's Notebook
Wow! It's an interactive future!


Dig This!
IMAX invents a new technology that allows animators to animate in thin air!


The Mouse's Wild Side: Disney's New Animal Kingdom
Walt Disney World is the proud site of a new Disney theme park: Animal Kingdom. Joseph Szadkowski reports on this new destination which combines adventure, education and fun.

Craig Bartlett's Charmed Past Life
Did you know that before Hey Arnold!, Craig Bartlett completed several projects for amusement parks and World's Fairs? Joe Bevilacqua looks into Craig Bartlett's past life...

Theme Parks in the Digital Age
Clark Dodsworth lends his considerable insight as to what we can expect from the amusement park of the future. Interactive robotic fauna? Digital characters with artificial intelligence and synthetic personalities? You bet!

Disneyland: From Dream to Reality
Katie Mason relates Disneyland's history from Walt's dream to an attraction which has drawn over 400 million visitors since its opening day, July 17, 1955.


Edutainment and the Internet
Contrary to popular belief, the Internet and kids are made for each other. Ted Pedersen & Francis Moss take us into the world of the post-television generation. Includes a Flash demo.

All In The Family: Rated "G" Animated Programming
Deborah Reber takes a look at three companies, CINAR Animation, Porchlight Entertainment and Big Idea Productions, that are making a living out of the growing market of wholesome family entertainment.


Here's A How de do Diary: September
Barry Purves is nearing completion on Gilbert and Sullivan - The Very Models; find out how he is doing as he finishes up animation in this month's production diary installment. Special Bonus: Includes the actual production script for Episode Five.


Vilppu Drawing Online: Introducing Material and Proportion
Life drawing master Glenn Vilppu continues his on-line drawing course, adding to his previous three lessons. Includes a Quicktime movie.


A Bug's Life: PIXAR Does It Again

Charles Solomon reviews PIXAR's much anticipated follow-up to Toy Story, A Bug's Life, which is funny, bright and a joy to watch.

Shifting to the Big Screen: The Rugrats Movie
The toddlers' first excursion into theaters is well directed and paced, but flawed. Michael Mallory explains.


American Magus - Harry Smith - A Modern Alchemist
Giannalberto Bendazzi shares a treasure...the book American Magus - Harry Smith, which features "one of the most hidden, obscure and enigmatic figures in the entire history of animation and the avant-garde." Available in English and Italian.

The Flesh Made Word: Harry Smith Speaks
Chuck Pirtle discusses the latest text on Harry Smith, Think of the Self Speaking: Selected Interviews of Harry Smith. Featuring interviews from 1968-1989, this text elaborates on the life of this groundbreaking American Surrealist artist.

That's Enough Folks: Black Images In Animated Cartoons, 1900-1960
Giannalberto Bendazzi reviews That's Enough Folks, Henry T. Sampson's insightful book on the cartoon treatment of African-Americans and other minority groups. Available in English and Italian.

Reading the Rabbit: Warner Bros. According to the Academics
How can a collection of essays make Warner Bros. cartoons seem so serious? Mark Mayerson ponders the impact of academics on the new book Reading the Rabbit: Explorations in Warner Bros. Animation.


Fragments of a Faith Forgotten: Unearthing the Harry Smith Archives
Rani Singh relates the operations of the Harry Smith Archives as she and others try to collect, restore and rebuild the works of Harry Smith.


Animation World News

Rugrats Offends Media Watchdogs, Batman Creator Bob Kane Dies, Bandai Opens, Annie Award Winners, Books Galore and more...

On A Desert Island With. . . . Animated Feature Film Directors
Antz director Eric Darnell, Gen13 director Kevin Altieri and The Rugrats Movie director Norton Virgien share their favorite films.


Dirdy Birdy
by John R. Dilworth

Plympton's Pundits by Bill Plympton

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An audience, with a special guest, enjoys "It's Tough to be a Bug," a multi-media event featuring 3D animation, special effects and Audio-Animatronic® characters based on A Bug's Life. Featured at the new Orlando theme park, Disney's Animal Kingdom, the show is screened in the 430-seat Tree of Life theater.

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