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Business: Rugrats Offends Media Watchdogs, Toon Union Final Election, Profits Down For SGI, Pixar Posts Profit Results, Cinar Wants A New Name, Harvey Posts Third Quarter Loss, Nelvana Gets Puff, BKN Studios Established In LA.

People: Musical Chairs: (Colossal) Pictures Signs Two New Directors, Loesch's New Odyssey, Film Roman Names New President.

In Passing: Bob Kane, Batman Creator, Passes Away.

Antz Showz Strong Legz, MIFED Sets Focus On Animation, Medialab/Cine Groupe Partner, A Bug's Life Is Swarming Everywhere.

Television: The Simpsons Get A Star, Fox Appeals To Boyz & Girlz, More Splat! Is Coming Your Way, Two New Series For Canadian Cactus, Batman Beyond and Dilbert Set For January, Gribouille Animating Xcaliber And Micronauts, TV Tidbits includes: Baby Blues To Rough Draft; Batman and Mr. Freeze: Subzero On Cartoon Network.

Commercials: Seeing Spots by Curious Pictures, Passion Pictures, Radium, (Colossal), J.J. Sedelmaier, Topix/Mad Dog and Renegade.

Home Video: Fox, DIC To Animate M.L.King, Disney's Pride: Lion King II.

: Speed Racer Toying Around, DreamWorks Debuts Prince of Egypt Album.

An Interactive Look At Walt's Life, Reelmotion Plug-in For 3D Studio Max.

Internet and Interactive: Bandai Opens AnimeVillage.Com, Spumco Web Chat In 3D, HotWired Launches Animation Express, Animated Greeting Cards On The `Net.

Books: Batman Animated, Cartoon Charlie, Making Of The Rugrats Movie, Creating 3D Animation, Hanna-Barbara Cartoons, Superman: The Complete History, Art Of Klasky-Csupo, Igor Kovalyov: A Director's Notebook, Hollywood Animation In It's Golden Age, and Mickey Mouse.

Call for Entries: NY Animation Festival Call For Entries, Milia Awards Interactivity.

Castle Crowns Geri's Game, ASIFA Annie Awards to be Televised, Leipzig Festival Results, Sitges Selects Un Jour, Disney and Warners Dominate The Annies.

Events: Last Month in Animation.

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