November 1998, Vol. 3, No. 8

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Toon Story: John Lasseter's Animated Life

Just how does one become an animation pioneer? Mike Lyons profiles the man of the hour, John Lasseter, on the eve of Pixar's Toy Story follow-up, A Bug's Life.

Disney's The Fox and The Hound: The Coming of the Next Generation
Tom Sito discusses the turmoil at Disney Feature Animation around the time The Fox and the Hound was made, marking the transition between the Old Men of the Classic Era and the newcomers of today's animation industry.

Lanterna Magica: The Story of a Seagull and a Studio Who Learnt To Fly
Helming the Italian animation Renaissance, Lanterna Magica and director Enzo D'Alò are putting the finishing touches on their next feature film, Lucky and Zorba. Chiara Magri takes us there.

Director and After Effects: Storyboarding Innovations on The Iron Giant
Brad Bird, director of Warner Bros. Feature Animation's The Iron Giant, discusses the latest in storyboarding techniques and how he applied them to the film.


In the Belly of the Beast: The Advertising to Kids Conference
Buzz Potamkin attended New York City's first serious look at the increasingly complex and important world of taping into the kids' market. He was pleasantly surprised by the insightful panels and discussion. The 1998 Golden Marble Award Winners were announced at the event as well.

Also included is, Are Kids Following Little Bo-Peep's Sheep?, a sidebar discussing the continuing erosion of audience numbers that will, in time, lead to a lag in advertising dollars...

The Tanglefoot Chronicles: A Case Study
A little known Disney character, a clumsy but well-meaning horse named Tanglefoot, became a licensing sensation by not being in a film - twice! J.B. Kaufman explains.

The Ingredients of Prosocial, `FCC Friendly' Animation
What elements does FCC friendly programming need to keep kids paying attention and tuning in for more? Jennifer Kotler outlines the musts.


Here's A How de do Diary: August
Barry Purves is nearing completion on his Channel 4 film about Gilbert and Sullivan. Follow along as principal shooting almost comes to a close. Includes a Quicktime movie.


The 1998 Ottawa International Animation Festival: A Nice Mix of Films, Business and Fun

Deborah Fallows relates her experiences at the 1998 Ottawa International Animation Festival, a well-run, well-organized event that managed to stay fit and trim in a crowded year on the festival circuit.

The Ottawa `98 Scrapbook features pictures sent in by Animation World Magazine readers of themselves, animators and others enjoying the 1998 Ottawa International Animation Festival.

A Look Back at MIPCOM `98
Sony Wonder's Loris Kramer relates her MIPCOM `98 experience by discussing market trends, the purpose of the event and what you should know before attending with a project.

The Cartoon Forum: More Advancements for Europe
The 1998 Cartoon Forum, held in Greece, gave Europe a grand opportunity to put productions into motion. Marie Beardmore reports.


The Golden Cartoon

Upon hearing the news that L'Enfant au Grelot/Charlie's Christmas won the Cartoon d'Or, Animation World Magazine asked director Jacques-Rémy Girerd to share his thoughts. Includes a Quicktime movie. Available in English and French.

67 Aluminum Plates
Oscar winner Jan Pinkava and a group of animators spontaneously collaborated to make a stop-motion animated film in one day during the Ottawa International Animation Festival. Wendy Jackson reports. Includes a Quicktime movie.


Principles of Three-Dimensional Computer Animation: Revised Edition
Mark Christiansen reviews the next evolution of Principles of Three-Dimensional Computer Animation, an academic textbook on computer graphics that is worth the read.


A Frame By Frame Chronicle of a Unique Collection: Animation at the Cinémathèque Québécoise
Jean Hamel discusses the wide range of delights housed in Canada's archive, The Cinémathèque Québécoise. Available in English and French.


Animation World News

Tom Sito joins Warner Bros., Chung Designing For Samsung, Antz II Marching On, ASIFA-Hollywood's Annie Noms and more...

On A Desert Island With. . . . Cartoon Characters

Speed Racer and the Pocket Dragons reveal their favorite animated films.

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