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Business: Kratky Film Restructures, Hahn Expands Into Asia, SAG Singing New Toon, Toon Union Holds Elections, Creative Capers Opens Digital Doorway.

People: Musical Chairs played by Marie-Pierre Moulinjeune, Mark Pesce, Buzz Potamkin, Marjorie Cohn, Alison Dexter, Sergei Kuharsky, Eric Fogel, Michael Feder, William Shpall, Corky Quakenbush, Jim Blashfield, Sally Cruikshank, Steven Dovas, Tom Sito, Nick Bosustow, Neil M. Mitchell, Edward Marchiselli, Enrique Santos, Linda Schnurer, Xavier Gonzáles del Valle, Penny Fenwick, Ynon Kriez, Douglas Kay, David Palmer, Joe Alonso, Marie-Line Petrequin, Chris Bailey, Paul Waxman, Mark Simon, Dave Kallaher, Jeanne Pappas Simon, Mark Watt, Laura Stone Walstone, Michele Smith, Jane Friesen.

Films: Antz Arrivez, Lenica Documentary In Progress, Mainframe Travels With IMAX, Animation Inspires 2 New Movies.

TV Tidbits includes Gaumont-IGEL Pact, NFBC Developing Its Library, Epoch & McFarlane Jam On Music Video, Chung Designing For Samsung, Varga Charging on Don Quixote, Pokémon Hits The World, Nelvana Greens Redwall, BKN Starting Conspiracies, Kids + Turns One, Cosgrove Hall Busts Out 2D Toon, Retro Toons Get Energized, Salsa Sales Strong, Little Company Making Big Deals, GLC Opts for Buddy System, Interactive TV Gets Animated, Fairwater Launches WWW Shorts, Monster Animating Arcade, Voltron Returns, September Nielsen Ratings.

Commercials: Seeing Spots by Productions Pascal Blais, Wild Brain, Radium, Passion Pictures, J.J. Sedelmaier Productions, ViewPoint Studios and Heck Yes! Productions.

Video: Col Tristar Debuts Buster & Chauncey, Antz II Marching On, Klasky Creates McAnimation, Varga TVC Going Golden, Newbie Scooby Movie.

Technology: Tools Of The Trade.

Internet & Interactive: Rugrats Crawl Onto Computers.

Education: Teletoon Awards Scholarships.

Call for Entries: Disney Invites Kids to "Create Story Magic," MILIA Awards Interactivity, ITS Monitor Awards, NY Kids Fest.

Events: Last Month in Animation.

Awards: Girls, Inc. Honors Animated Women, Sitges Selects Un Jour, Writers Group Honors Bressack, Ottawa Picks Carrots, Toons Win Twin Geminis, AMPAS Reveals Sci-Tech Oscar Noms, It's "Christmas" for the Cartoon d'Or, Ignatz Honors Comics, IFP and IFC Award Students, ASIFA-Hollywood's Annie Noms.

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