Amusement Parks and Family Animation,
December 1998

What an issue! Craig Bartlett will be interviewed by Joseph Bevilacqua regarding his life prior to Hey Arnold! which featured work on films for World Fairs and other venues. European amusement park locations will be analyzed in relationship to their theme by Russell Bekins. Disney World's Animal Kingdom will be profiled by Joseph Szadkowski, as will the architecture of the first Disney amusement park, Disneyland by Katie Mason. Clark Dodsworth will also outline the newest inventions that we can expect to see in amusement parks in the future. Deborah Reber will profile the family animation market and Ted Pedersen will discuss the Internet and other edutainment avenues that networks are promoting to connect with their young viewers.

We will feature film reviews of The Rugrats Movie by Michael Mallory, A Bug's Life by Charles Solomon and The Prince of Egypt by Toby Bluth. In other exclusive stories, Barry Purves continues his production chronicles and Glenn Vilppu continues his famous series on life drawing instruction. We will also feature three book reviews: That's Enough Folks: Black Images in Animated Cartoons (1900-1960) and An American Magus - Harry Smith, A Modern Alchemist will be covered by Giannalberto Bendazzi and Reading The Rabbit will be reviewed by Mark Mayerson.

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