October 1998 Vol. 3, No. 7

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Editor's Notebook
The inventiveness of independents...


Dig This!
Animation World Magazine takes a jaunt into the innovative and remarkable: this month we look at fashion designer Rebecca Moses' animated film, The Discovery of India. Includes a Quicktime movie.


William Kentridge: Quite the Opposite of Cartoons

The amazing animation films of South African William Kentridge are discussed in depth by Philippe Moins. Includes a Quicktime movie. Available in
English and French.

Italian Independent Animators
Andrea Martignoni relates the current situation of independent animation in Italy and profiles three current independents: Ursula Ferrara, Alberto D'Amico, and Saul Saguatti. Available in
English and Italian.

Eating and Animating: Balancing the Basics for U.K. Independents
Marie Beardmore relays the main paths that U.K. animators, seeking to make their own works, use in order to obtain funding to animate...and eat!

Animation in Bosnia And Herzegovina: A Start and an Abrupt Stop
In the shadow of Zagreb, animation in Bosnia and Herzegovina never truly developed until soon before the war...only to be abruptly halted. Rada Sesic explains.


Bud-Weis-Er: Computer-Generated Frogs and Lizards Give Bud a Boost

As Karen Raugust explains, sometimes companies get lucky and their commercials become their own licensing phenomena. Anheiser-Busch has such a hit on their hands with their beloved CGI Frogs and Lizards. Includes a sidebar of
Selected Licensing Programs Inspired by Advertising Campaigns.


Balancing Commercials and Personal Work: Three Directors Speak

Jonathan Hodgson, Aleksandra Korejwo and Bill Plympton, all commercial and independent directors, relate how they feel about the contrasts between directing commercials and their own independent works.


Here's A How de do Diary: July
Barry Purves is busy on his stop-motion Channel 4 production, and Gilbert and Sullivan are charging right along. Discover the details in this month's installment.


Vilppu Drawing Online: The Box

Renowned drawing instructor Glenn Vilppu offers the third installment in his bi-monthly Animation World Magazine online drawing course. Includes a Quicktime movie.


The 7th Hiroshima International Animation Festival

Gigi Hu reviews Asia's premiere animation festival, the Hiroshima International Animation Festival.

My Hiroshima
As India enters the nuclear arms age, the Hiroshima Festival invited a group of Indian animators to the famous Japanese city. One of the delegates, Prakash Moorthy, was moved to action.

Tenth Annual Conference of the Society for Animation Studies at Chapman University
Keith Bradbury describes animation academia's party, the Conference of the Society for Animation Studies.


Antz: The First Biggie from DreamWorks
DreamWorks Pictures and PDI bring this much-awaited CG wonder to screens this month. Jerry Beck reviews what is hoped to be another animated blockbuster.

Max & His Special Problem - A Review
Jerry Beck reviews a very special Nickelodeon Oh Yeah! Cartoons! short, Max & His Special Problem, directed by Dave Wasson.

Frieden: The Tree of Peace
Moved by the plight of children in war torn countries, student film maker Alina Chau, Hiu Fan made this remarkable film as a gift for the United Nations. Includes a Quicktime movie.


A Reader in Animation Studies

Pat Raine Webb reviews Jayne Pilling's new book, A Reader in Animation Studies, which publishes 21 scholarly Society for Animation Studies essays for the first time.

Computer Animation: A Whole New World
Frank Foster reviews Rita Street's new book, Computer Animation: A Whole New World, a photo-filled look at the many achievements and innovations of computer animation.


SIIARA: An Archive for the Animated Medium

Located in the south of England, this new archive strives to preserve and make available animation information, art work and final films from Bob Godfrey to Halas & Batchelor. John Southall clarifies.


Animation World News

Cardiff Closing Down, HBO Birthing Family Channel, The Simpsons Nabs 3 Emmys, and more.

On A Desert Island With. . . . Commercial Independents
Jonas Odell, Steve Box, Cynthia Wells and Peter Reynolds.


Dirdy Birdy

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Cover: © Nickelodeon. Dave Wasson's Max & His Special Problem is reviewed in this issue. Wasson, a 1990 Cal Arts graduate, has established himself as both a successful commercial director and an independent filmmaker. Fate (and Fred Seibert) brought together the best of both worlds when his short film, Max & His Special Problem, already in progress as an independent project, was picked up by Nickelodeon to be produced as part of the Oh Yeah! Cartoons! program. Wasson is currently working on several more Oh Yeah! Cartoons! such as Max and the Pigeon Incident, Jack and the Beatstalk and Hamzel and Grandé.

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