September 1998 Vol. 3, No. 6

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Editor's Notebook
Expanding television...


Dig This!
Complicated computers are used to simulate the simple cut-out animation technique on South Park and Blue's Clues.


Tooning in the 1998 Fall Season

Joseph K. Bevilacqua highlights what's new in animation for the U.S. 1998/99 television season, from CBS to Cartoon Network.

Disney's Little Big Screen: Turning Animated Features Into TV Series
Like clockwork, Disney's big screen adventures turn up on television. Mike Lyons reveals the mechanism behind this marketing plan.

The Color In Mind: Corto Maltese
Europe's favorite adventurer, Corto Maltese, is coming to television town. Russell Bekins investigates how Hugo Pratt's graphic novels are being adapted. Includes a Quicktime movie.

Giuseppe Laganà and Animation in Italy: Rebuilding an Industry
Russell Bekins takes us inside Giuseppe Laganà's Italian studio, Animation Band, Ellipse's production partner on Corto Maltese.

Better For All Concerned: The Writers Guild of America's Animation Writers Caucus
Hot on the heels of a major break through, Craig Miller discusses the goals of the Animation Writers Caucus.

Waste Management in Animation
Laws have been made and the environment should be on everyone's mind. Environmentalist Lesli Rynyk explains the Canadian Waste Management Act and subsequent Animation Waste Management Plan designed to decrease waste at Canuck Creations.


International Theatrical Dubbing: It's More Than Meets the Eye

Debra Chinn outlines the unsung world of international theatrical dubbing. Getting Anastasia to sing in 28 languages is no easy task...Includes a Quicktime movie.

3D Meets Reality!
Compositing 3D elements into live-action footage is a very important facet of post-production. Bill Fleming instructs us on how to get it just right.


Here's A How de do Diary: June
What's going on with Barry Purves and his Channel 4 production? Find out in this month's installment.


Roots: An Experiment in Images and Music

Bärbel Neubauer divulges her creative process and discusses the production of Roots, an experimental film mixing images and sound. Includes a Quicktime movie.


Comic-Con: Where Comics Are King

Pete Nicholls traveled to San Diego to report on Comic-Con in a year when comics reigned and animation was strangely missing...

Anima Mundi: The Audience is Key
Edmundo Barrieros relays the events of Brazil's Anima Mundi, possibly the world's most energetic and enthusiastic festival.


The Film Strip Tells All

William Moritz discusses Richard Reeves' Linear Dreams and Bärbel Neubauer's Moonlight and helps to put them in perspective. Includes Quicktime movies of both films.


Dreamweaver is Pretty Darn Dreamy

Macromedia's Dreamweaver impressed Dan Sarto. Read on for why this web authoring tool is hard to beat.

Fireworks: Does it Have a Special Spark?
Webmaster Ged Bauer gives Macromedia's Fireworks a try to determine whether it is the "all-in-one-be-all-end-all" web graphics application that it claims to be.


Inside Disney: The Archives and Animation Research Library

Katie Mason interviews the folks behind preserving Disney's history and artwork at the Walt Disney Archives and Animation Research Library.


Animation World News

Writers Make Prime-Time Pact With Fox, Anne Sweeney Tops Disney/ABC Cable Networks, Fantastic Planet in Rotation and more...

On A Desert Island With. . . . TV Toon Talents
Tony Craig, Roberts Gannaway and Pascal Morelli.


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