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August 1998 Vol. 3, No. 5

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Editor's Notebook
Old countries are learning new tricks...


Dig This!
Metrovision puts cinema in reverse.


Ram Mohan and RM-USL: India's Change Agents of Animation
Dr. John A. Lent puts Ram Mohan and his new company RM-USL into perspective as India enters a new phase of development.

China-The Awakening Giant: Animation and Broadcasting in the Mainland
Milt Vallas takes us inside China to understand this giant and its current bid for the world's attention.

Emerging Vietnam
Animation production is springing up in Vietnam. Anne Aghion and John Merson tell us about it.


Small Studio/Home Studio: An Overview of Low-End Computer Aided Animation Choices

Michelle Klein-Häss describes the hardware and software we need to start either a 2-D or 3-D affordable CG animation studio at home.


Here's A How de do Diary: May
How is Barry Purves getting on with his Channel 4 production? Find out in this month's installment.

ASIFA's Next Step
Michel Ocelot relates the latest ASIFA International developments regarding ASIFA's new relationship to festivals.


Vilppu Drawing Online: Spherical Forms

Glenn Vilppu continues his world-class life drawing lessons. This month the focus is on Spherical Forms. Includes Quicktimes.


SIGGRAPH `98: Special Report
A multi-media co-production of Animation World Magazine and Visual Magic Magazine, AWN's SIGGRAPH `98 Special Report will feature articles, news, reviews, product announcements and a special "company profile" section. Highlights include a survey of women in the computer graphics industry, an education spotlight on SIGGRAPH courses and panels, an update on the SIGGRAPH documentary in progress and a special selection of Quicktime video clips of animated films showcased in this year's Computer Animation Festival and Electronic Theater. Available in Adobe Acrobat Format.

Cardiff: A Difficult Year to Be Any Festival

Heather Kenyon relates the events from Cardiff, Wales, an educational festival full of panel discussions and lectures with many bright spots, despite the rain.

Zagreb `98: Better Than Ever!
The artists' festival...Gunnar Strøm tells us about the 13th World Festival of Animated Films in Zagreb, Croatia.

Singapore Animation Fiesta `98
Singapore's Animation Fiesta is making a unique place for itself after just two events. Mark Langer describes this exciting newcomer.

Members of the Fastest Growing Industry Meet Up in the Big Apple: The Return of the Licensing Show!
Deborah Reber relates the latest animated merchandising trends straight from New York's Licensing Show.


Azimuth : Get Those Red/Green Glasses--3-D Has Made It to Tape!

Judith Cockman reviews Staceyjoy Elkin's Azimuth, a stereoscopic, 3-D computer animated film. Includes a Quicktime.


The Animated Film Collector's Guide : David Kilmer's Odyssey

A tool to find almost any animated short in the world, David Kilmer's long-awaited The Animated Film Collector's Guide is reviewed by Emru Townsend.


The Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum: A Cultural Monument

Jackie Leger takes us to the outskirts of Osaka, Japan to visit the museum dedicated to Osamu Tezuka, Japan's revered father of manga.


Animation World News

Fox Invests In Ciné-Groupe, Oscar Rules Out TV Series As Shorts, DreamWorks Ups The Ante and more.

On A Desert Island With. . . . Asian Animators
Ram Mohan, and Frank Saperstein.


Dirdy Birdy
by John R. Dilworth

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This Month's Contributors

Kampung Boy is a new animated series about a youngster in Malaysia, designed by the cartoonist, Lat. An international co-production between the Philippine Animation Studios in Manila, broadcaster ASTRO in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and U.S. distributor Matinee Entertainment, Kampung Boy is an international co-production in the truest sense of the word. The show was recently screened at the Singapore Animation Fiesta and will be showcased this month at the Hiroshima Animation Festival in Japan. Cover image and Quicktime movie © 1998 Matinee Entertainment.

Download a Quicktime movie clip of Kampung Boy. 1.6 MB. © 1998 Matinee Entertainment.

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