Animation World News

by Wendy Jackson

Business: Fox Invests In Ciné-Groupe, Learning Co. Adds Broderbund To Fund, Wild Brain Harvests Plantation, Animeland Trial Postponed.

People: Musical Chairs: Rich Cronin, Leslie Kolins-Small, Bill Kroyer, Jon Dykstra, Tom Ruzicka and more...

In Passing: Dusan Vukotic.

Films: Small Soldiers Big On Effects, IMAX To Turn 2-D Into 3-D, Dreamworks Ups The Ante, Mulan Makes $100 Mil, Miramax Marking Mononoke For `99.

Television: TV Tidbits, Nick And Cosby Animating Little Bill, Start Your Noggins!, VH1 Tooning In.

Commercials: Spotlight on (Colossal) Pictures, Radium, Passion Pictures, J.J. Sedelmaier Productions, Charlex, Tape House Digital, Film Roman, Pascal Blais Productions, Wild Brain, Topix, Loconte Goldman Design, Curious Pictures, Renegade Animation, Pacific Data Images, The Ink Tank, Blue Sky|VIFX.

Video: Mickey Classics, Schoolhouse Rock: Money Rock, American Tail To Be Told Again.

Publications: New Indy Comic Zine, Animated Life.

Education: Trees For Life Branching Out, DHIMA & AIA Form Alliance, Ken O'Connor Scholarship Fund Update.

Music: Rhino Toots Best Of Anime CD.

Call For Entries:
Annie Awards, Taza Digital Fest, Is Your Technology Oscar Material?, Cinequest.

Events: A Bug's Life Goes To The Malls, Ottawa Breaks ASIFA Ties, Last Month In Animation.

Awards: Mermaid Floats Zagreb, Extreme Ghostbusters Has A Dream, Oscar Rules Out TV Series As Shorts, T.R.A.N.S.I.T. Tops Bradford, ITS Monitors CGI, Todd McFarlane Named Top Entrepreneur.

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