Campbell's Soup: Special Selections. Image courtesy of Acme Filmworks.

Mermaid Floats Zagreb. The Zagreb World Festival of Animated Films celebrated its 13th edition and 25th year, June 17-21 in Zagreb, Croatia. The grand prize went to Russian animator Alexander Petrov for his film, The Mermaid. Additional winners are as follows:

Best First Film: This category was a tie between The Mayor's Nose by Mikhail Lisovoj (Russia) and Pink Doll by Valentin Olshvang (Russia).

Best Film, Category A (30 sec. - 6 min.): Sientje by Christa Moesker (Netherlands).

Best Film, Category B (6 min. - 15 min.): The Albatross by Paul Bush (U.K.).

Best Film, Category C (15 min. - 30 min.): Flatworld by Daniel Greaves (U.K.).

Best Student Film: One Eye by Lianna Dognini (U.K.).

Special Recognitions:

Commercial Film: Campbell's Soup: Special Selections by Aleksandra Korewjo/Acme Filmworks (Poland/U.S.)

Children's Film: Dinner for Two by Janet Perlman (Canada).

Abstract Film: Linear Dreams by Richard Reeves (Canada).

Design: This category was a tie between How Wings Are Attached to the Backs of Angels by Craig Welch (Canada) and Bluebird's Last Wife by Aleksander Bubnov (Ukraine).

The locally-voted "101 Vote for 1" Prize for Best Student Film: Advice for Hamsters by Dennis Sisterson (U.K.).

The locally-voted "101 Vote for 1" Student Jury prize: One Day by Marie Paccou (France).

Kodak-sponsored Prize for Best Student Film Originally Shot on Film: Monday Again by Mina Mileva (Bulgaria).

Public Prize: Flatworld by Daniel Greaves (U.K.).

Award of the Jury of the Arteria Gallery: Linear Dreams by Richard Reeves (Canada).

Extreme Ghostbusters. © Columbia TriStar Television.

Extreme Ghostbusters Has A Dream. The Western Law Center for Disability Rights, a non-profit organization that provides legal assistance to people with disabilities, has selected Columbia TriStar's animated TV series Extreme Ghostbusters as the recipient of its second annual Disability Rights in Entertainment, Arts and Media (DREAM) Award. The show was selected for its "positive and exciting" portrayal of a wheelchair-using character named Garrett. The award will be presented at a fund-raiser gala on October 20, 1998. For information call (213) 736-1437.

Oscar Rules Out TV Series As Shorts. The Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences have voted to change the rules for eligibility of short films for Oscars. Rule 1, which states "films which receive their first public exhibition in any form other than commercial theatrical exhibition are not eligible for Academy Awards in any category" has been amended to also prohibit any "unaired episode of an established TV series or an unsold TV series pilot" in the Academy's Short Film competition. In the past, films made for television, such as The Chicken From Outer Space (John R. Dilworth/Hanna-Barbera, nominated in 1996), qualified if they were screened theatrically before airing on television. With increased production of animated short subjects for television, the Academy is trying to make sure that its awards--for the motion picture industry--don't end up being given to the television industry. Academy president Robert Rehme said, "This is an experiment of sorts. We don't expect it to have much of an impact on the eligibility pool, but if it's helpful to a picture or two we'll try it."

Locomotion won several silver and bronze awards at Promax, for its animated bumper spots. Image courtesy of Locomotion.

Promax, the association of promotion and marketing professionals recently held its annual convention in Toronto, closing with the Gold Medallion Awards show on June 20. Top winners in animation categories are as follows:

* Promotional Animation, Gold Awards:
Americast Promotional ids (Disney Televentures).
Branding Animation (Friedland Jacobs Communications).
Week In Week Out (BBC Wales).
Skydiver (MTV Australia).
The Conners (WPWR-TV).
Holiday ids (CHEK-TV).

* Non-Promotional Animation, Gold Awards:
Forging a Nation (Caplan Wilkie - The Television Company).
Shermie (Cartoon Network).
British Fashion Awards (Channel 5).

T.R.A.N.S.I.T. Tops Bradford. The Bradford Animation Festival took place in England at the beginning of June. The awards are as follows:

Professional Adult Award: T.R.A.N.S.I.T. by Piet Kroon.

Non-Professional Adult Award: Little Princess' Birthday by Jim Lefevre.

Experimental Award: Fleeting by Justin Eade.

Digital Award: Through the Square Window by Owen Lodge and Matt Moate.

Under 16s Award: Barvas Primary School, Lewis Isle, Scotland, for their animation Mairi Macleod & the Metagama.

Royal Mail Sponsor Prize: Little Princess' Birthday by Jim Lefevre.

All winners received a piece of original artwork from previous animations, such as the TV series Beastly Behaviour and Barry Purves' short film, Achilles.

ITS Monitors CGI. The International Teleproduction Society (ITS) presented its International Monitor Awards on July 11 in Los Angeles. Out of 20 categories, three recognized computer animation achievements.

Local Commercials, 3-D Computer Animation: Carl's Jr. Ants by POP Animation.

Opens, Closes & Titles, 3-D Computer Animation: SIGGRAPH Electronic Theater Opening 1997 by Sony Pictures Imageworks.

National Commercials, 3-D Computer Animation: Rayovac Batteries Fierce Creature by Blue Sky/VIFX.

Todd McFarlane Named Top Entrepreneur. Todd McFarlane, creator of the comic book and animated series Spawn, has been named the Ernst & Young 1998 Arizona Entrepreneur of the Year in the Communications and Entertainment category. He was inducted into the "Entrepreneur of the Year Institute" during a recent conference in Palm Springs, California. The award was established in 1986 to "honor outstanding entrepreneurs whose ingenuity, hard work and perseverance have created and sustained successful, growing business ventures." Todd McFarlane certainly fits the bill; his comic books have sold more than 120 million copies in 120 countries in 15 languages, he has produced several films and he also runs a toy company.

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