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July 1998 Vol. 3, No. 4

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Editor's Notebook
Is it all that upsetting?


Dig This!
SIGGRAPH is coming with a host of eye-opening films. Here's a sneak peak.


Late Nite With Space Ghost

Who is behind this spandex-clad leader of late night? Heather Kenyon investigates with help from Cartoon Network's Michael Lazzo, Senior Vice President, Programming and Production.

The Beatles' Yellow Submarine Turns 30: John Coates and Norman Kauffman Look Back
On the 30th anniversary of The Beatles' Yellow Submarine, Karl Cohen speaks with the two key TVC production figures behind the film.

The Creators of The Beatles' Yellow Submarine. Where Are They Now?
Yellow Submarine was the start of a new era of animation. Robert R. Hieronimus, Ph.D. tells us where some of the creative staff went after they left Pepperland.

The Mainstream Business of Adult Animation
Sean Maclennan Murch explains why animated shows targeted toward adults are becoming a more popular approach for some networks.

The Anime "Porn" Market
The misunderstood world of anime "porn" in the U.S. market is explored by anime expert Fred Patten.

Animation Land: Adults Unwelcome
Cedric Littardi relates his experiences as he prepares to stand trial in France for his involvement with AnimeLand, a magazine focused on animation for adults.


The State of Visual Narrative In Film And Comics

Peter Chung examines the flaws of today's comics as he reveals the basic nature of visual narrative.

NYC Wonder Women
Samantha Berger takes us underground to discover the New York City female comic book artist scene.


So, You Want to Open An Animation Art Gallery? You're Darn Tootin!

Ron Merk's heated rebuttal to Tim Stocoak's article, "So You Want to Open an Animation Art Gallery!" published in the November 1997 issue of Animation World Magazine.


Here's A How de do Diary: April
How is Barry Purves getting on with his Channel 4 production? Find out in this month's installment.


Annecy's First Annual

Buzz Potamkin tells us how the much-awaited first annual Annecy International Animated Film Festival faired.

E3: It's An Animated Year
What's new in the gaming world? Joseph Szadkowski gives us the lowdown on the new animation related games from this year's E3.


Disney's Mulan: A More Modern Heroine
Andy Klein reviews Disney's latest masterpiece and finds some nice changes in the new Mulan.

Bob and Margaret: An Ordinary Couple Goes Prime Time Worldwide
Bob and Margaret, a new prime time animated show, is hitting the airwaves. Maureen Furniss takes a look.


For The Love of Prague

Adam Snyder reviews Gene Deitch's new book and looks back at the role his father, William L. Snyder, played in relocating the director to Prague, thereby starting one of the greatest love stories in animation.

An Afternoon with Ollie Johnston, Frank Thomas and Pinocchio
Charles Solomon speaks with Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston about Pierre Lambert's book Pinocchio, the film and, of course, Walt and his dreams.


The Hollywood Animation Union (M.P.S.C. #839)

What can the Union do for you? President Tom Sito explains.


Animation World News

Microsoft Sells Softimage To Avid, Laybourne Launching New Company, Sony Launches Anime Channel and more.


On A Desert Island With....Some Consenting Adults and a Cartoon Talk Show Host

Alison Snowden, David Fine, Denis Kitchen and Space Ghost reveal their top ten films.


Dirdy Birdy
by John Dilworth

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