Animation World Magazine, Issue 3.4, July 1998

Animation World News

by Wendy Jackson

Business: Microsoft Sells Softimage To Avid, Anime On Trial!, Sunbow & Cartoon Network Deal, Cinar Acquires Another Publisher.

People: Laybourne Launching New Company, Musical Chairs.

In Passing: Ken O'Connor, Phil Hartman.

Films:Mulan, Lost Disney Short Found, Fox Vamps Up Next Feature, Fox Not Freezing Planet Ice,Toons From Planet Orange , Nick Turns Off in Germany, Sony Launches Anime Channel, Fox Animating `99 Line-Up.

Commercials: Spotlight on Post Logic Studios,Pacific Data Images (PDI), Renegade Animation, Bolexbrothers, Aka Pizazz, Passion Pictures, Acme Filmworks, AMPnyc, Curious Pictures, Brian Diecks Design, Loconte Goldman Design.

Television: Toons From Planet Orange, Nick Turns Off in Germany, Sony Launches Anime Channel, Fox Animating '99 Line-Up.

Videos: Tell Me Who I Am, Swan Princess III, Anime Update, Time For Melody Time.

Internet & Interactive: Quick Bytes.

Technology: Tools Of The Trade: Rainbow Studios, LambSoft, Colorland, Discreet Logic, Movie Movie.

Licensing: Licensing Show News.

Music:Prince Of Egypt Brings 3 Albums, Dexter Rocks.

Education: Mentors Wanted!

Events:The Exhibition L'imaginaire De La Ville, Animated Exhibits, Last Month In Animation.

Awards: Student Academy Awards, Annecy Winners.

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