Animation World Magazine, Issue 3.4, July 1998

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Tell Me Who I Am. Positive Communications, Inc. has released a 35-minute animated video for kids aged 3-11, depicting African heritage. Titled Tell Me Who I Am: The Journey Begins, the video was directed by James A. Simon and produced by Wantu Enterprises. The musical story is currently available by direct order from PCI ($19.95). Call 1-888-WHO-I-AM-2 or visit

Swan Princess III. © Columbia TriStar Home Video.
Swan Princess III. Columbia TriStar Home Video will release the direct-to-video title, The Swan Princess III and the Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure, produced by Nest Entertainment and directed by Richard Rich. The video features a 72-minute film with five songs and a 12-minute Sing Along sequence featuring songs excerpted from all three Swan Princess films. The video will be available in stores August 4 for $14.95 (SRP). A tie-in promotion and rebate will run on packages of Kid Cuisine Frozen Meals in August and September.

Anime Update. Following is a list of anime video releases scheduled for June, July and August. Right Stuf International: Toward the Terra and Godmars.. . . . Media Blasters/Kitty Media: Chimera, Earthian - The Beginning of the End and Sexorcist.. . . . A.D.V. Films: Space Adventure Cobra, Tekkaman Blade II, Slayers: The Motion Picture, Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 2 Act 1, Dragon Knight and Rail of the Star (new English dub). . . . Central Park Media: Silent Service, Nightmare Campus: Volume 1, Fobia 1, The Slayers: Volume 7, Gall Force 1: Eternal Story, Harmageddon, Voltage Fighters! Gowcaizer: The Movie and Great Days of the Century.

Many of the above listed anime titles are strictly for adults. This issue of Animation World Magazine features an
article by anime expert Fred Patten, taking a closer look at the burgeoning market for "anime porn."

Time For Melody Time. On June 2, Walt Disney Home Video released Disney's 10th animated feature, the 1948 film Melody Time. Starring Donald Duck in several roles, the film is a collection of musical storiesor chapterssuch as Pecos Bill and Johnny Appleseed. Some of the songs are performed by The Andrews Sisters. Melody Time runs 75 minutes, is unrated, and is being offered for U.S. $22.99 (SRP).

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