Animation World Magazine, Issue 3.4, July 1998

Asian and Computer Animation,
August 1998

This month Animation World Magazine looks toward Asia. Jackie Leger profiles Tezuka Productions and Museum in Japan, while Dr. John Lent takes a look at Ram Mohan and the animation industry in India. Recently, China has been making strides into the animation business. Veteran animation consultant Milt Vallas takes a look at their bid. Milt will also describe the latest digital tools used by studios around the Asian continent. Plus, Anne Aghiou and John Merson take us inside Vietnam for a look at their production facilities. As far as computer animation goes we have two exciting articles. Bill Fleming is going to point out invisible CGI, while Michelle Klein-Häss is going to tell us how to build an affordable home studio.

Other articles include Barry Purves' monthly production diary, Glenn Vilppu's next life drawing lesson and event reviews from Cardiff, Zagreb and the Singapore Animation Festival. An exciting new computer generated 3-D film, Azimuth, is reviewed by Judith Cockman so don't forget your 3-D glasses and finally, David Kilmer's long awaited The Animated Film Collector's Guide is put to the test by Emru Townsend.

Don't miss our SIGGRAPH 98 Special Report, going online August 10th. Not everyone can get to SIGGRAPH this year- so join us for an in depth report on the people, companies, products, and technologies that lead the way at this year's conference.

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