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June 1998 Vol. 3, No. 3

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Editor's Notebook
It's the drawing stupid!


Dig This!
1001 Nights: An Animation Symphony


The Essential Animation Reference Library

Animation historian Jerry Beck describes the ideal library of "essential" books on animation.

Whose Golden Age?: Canadian Animation In The 1990s
Art vs. industry and the future of the independent filmmaker: Chris Robinson investigates this tricky balance in the current Canadian animation climate.

Here's A How de do Diary: March
The first installment of Barry Purves' production diary as he chronicles producing a series of animated shorts for Channel 4. An Animation World Magazine exclusive.

It Takes Three to Tango
Through a series of pointed questions we take a look at the relationship between educators, industry representatives and students. School profiles are included.

What's In Your LunchBox?
Kellie-Bea Rainey tests out Animation Toolworks' Video LunchBox, an innovative frame-grabbing tool for animators, students, seven year-olds and potato farmers alike!


Who The Heck is Jared?

Well, do you know? Wendy Jackson introduces us to this very funny little yellow fellow.

Below The Digital Radar
Kit Laybourne muses about the evolution of independent animation and looks "below the radar" for the growth of new emerging domains of digital animation.

Tools for Internet Animation
Robert Gonzales shares his insight on the various tools currently available for creating animation on the Internet.

Animation Sites: Some Stellar Attractions
Michelle Klein-Häss surveys the best animation web sites on the Internet, from her own Animation Nerd's Paradise to Spumco's George Liquor, Michelle tells us where to spend our time on the `Net.


ASIFA And Festivals: A Changing Relationship

In the wake of Annecy going annual, ASIFA International president Michel Ocelot discusses the history and significance of ASIFA's selective sponsorship and patronage of international animation festivals.


Vilppu Drawing Online: Gesture

Renowned drawing instructor Glenn Vilppu offers the first installment in his new bi-monthly Animation World Magazine online drawing course.


Crashing BrainCamp

Wendy Jackson reports on the second annual BrainCamp, an exclusive think tank for executives in the kids' entertainment industry.


Quest For Camelot: Warner's Bid for the Round Table

Ilene Hoffman reviews Warner Bros. Feature Animation's highly-anticipated first fully-animated feature film, Quest for Camelot. Does it make the cut?


The Animation World in the Library of Congress

Patrick Loughney, Ph.D. defines the animated treasures waiting behind the massive doors of the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.


Animation World News

Henson, Hallmark to Launch Kermit Channel, SIGGRAPH Documenting CGI History, Boop Is Back, And More...

On A Desert Island With. . . . Internet Animators
Brad deGraf, Jan Mallis and David Vogler.


Dirdy Birdy

by John Dilworth

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