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May 1998 Vol. 3, No. 2

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Editor's Notebook
Varying degrees of separation: visual effects and experimental animation.

Dig This!
Take a jaunt into the innovative and remarkable: this month animation meets performance...



How to be Furrific!

Bill Fleming takes us back in time and traces the history of computer generated fur and hair creation techniques through to today's sophisticated plug-ins and tools.

Rotoscoping in the Modern Age: Titanic
How did they create Jack and Rose's frosty breath? Marian Rudnyk describes the rotoscoping process that was used to bring the Titanic experience to life.

In Peril: France's 3-D Industry
Georges Lacroix's open letter to the French Minister of Economy, Finances and Industry and to the French Minister of Culture and Communication alerts us all to the peril that France's successful 3-D industry is currently facing, especially Lacroix's Fantôme which is in danger of closing. Available in
English and French.


Declaration Of Independents

Melissa Chimovitz discovers that independent animation is alive and well in New York when she profiles: George Griffin, John Canemaker, Kathy Rose, Debra Solomon, Steve Dovas, Lewis Klahr and Janie Geiser. Includes Quicktime movies.

Eight Point Star: A Mind Experience in Animation
Brazilian director Marcos Magalhães relates his experiences teaching the animation process to renowned artist Fernando Diniz, creator of Eight Point Star and a patient in a Rio de Janeiro mental hospital. Includes Quicktime movies. In English and Portugese.

Animated Films In Psychiatry
Nag Ansorge discusses his teaching experiences at The Psychiatric Clinic of the University of Lausanne and describes the patients' animation production process as well as the films that they created. In
English and French.


Animating Under the Camera

Animating under the camera with sand or paint on glass is a tricky feat. Here a host of experts offer their tried and true methods.


The RealFlash Festival Winners

The RealFlash Festival Winners are in!

Inside Zagreb: The Preselection Process
Independent animator John R. Dilworth describes his experiences as a preselection committee member for the 1998 Zagreb Festival of Animated Films.

MIP-TV: Animation in Crisis?
Julien Dubois reports on the 1998 MIP-TV in Cannes, revealing a troubled international marketplace for animation. Available in
English and French.

Stuttgart: A Splendid Festival
William Moritz reviews the ninth Stuttgart Animation Festival which took place from April 3 through April 8, 1998 in Stuttgart, Germany.


General Chaos: Uncensored Animation

Mark Segall reviews Manga Entertainment's first collection of shorts and reveals that they are going for something a little more than sick and twisted.


The Entertainment/Marketing/Exploitation Relationship: Two Takes

Buzz Potamkin takes a look at two new books on the kids' biz: What Kids Buy and Why: The Psychology of Marketing to Kids, by Dan S. Acuff and The Business of Children's Entertainment, by Norma Odom Pecora.

The Anime! Movie Guide: Different But Equal
Brian Camp reviews the 1998 book The Anime! Movie Guide by Helen McCarthy, former editor of Anime UK and author of Anime! A Beginner's Guide to Japanese Animation.

Anima Animus Animation
Wendy Jackson reviews the 1998 book Anima Animus Animation , a collection of creative works by the Czech surrealist filmmaker Jan Svankmajer and painter Eva Svankmajerová.


The Association of Moving Image Archivists

Gregory Lukow introduces The Association of Moving Image Archivists (AMIA), the world's largest professional association for film, television and video archivists and a tremendous resource.


Animation World News

Simpsons Voices Settle, TV Summit Supports Co-Production, NATPE Cancels ANIFX, and more.


Pierre Ayma: Educator

Annick Teninge introduces a collection of tributes and remembrances by friends and students of this dynamic French educator. Available in both
English and French.


On A Desert Island With. . . . Visionary Experimenters and Effects-Makers

Phil Tippett, Richard Reeves and Daina Krumins reveal their favorite animated films.


Dirdy Birdy
by John Dilworth

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Cover: Kleiser-Walczak Construction Company (KWCC) created stereoscopic 3-D computer animation for Philip Glass' and Robert Wilson's new multimedia performance, Monsters of Grace, featured in this issue's "Dig This!" This specially-rendered image is courtesy of IPA.

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