January 1999 Vol. 3, No. 10

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Editor's Notebook
What A Year! What A Future?



Making Film History: 1998's Animated Features
No question about it. 1998 was the year of animation, thanks to the successful release of so many theatrical features. Evan Backes puts it all in perspective and alerts us to 1999's treats.

Animation Festivals: A Year of Proliferation and Change
Cardiff's `Vital' was the first festival to be pushed out of existence in these event cluttered times, but could festivals be faltering because they are based on out-dated models? Irene Kotlarz explores.

The Major TV Trends and Moments of Last Year
An ever-expanding animated primetime. An increase in CGI programming. Some studios are hiring, others aren't. Some networks are riding high...others aren't. Michael Swanigan looks at 1998's television world and what it could mean for 1999.

CGI's Hits and Misses of 1998
From hit movies to recent mergers, Eric Huelsman relays every facet of what happened last year in CGI and how it is going to affect next year. Includes Quicktime movie clips.

Commercials in `98: Talking Animals and Trendy Gimmicks
Will all those talking animal commercials quiet down in 1999? Chuck McBride discusses the advertising hits of 1998 and what will come of them in 1999.

The State of Independence
Otto Alder presents the current state of the Independent Animation film by delving into its definition and that of animation as a whole. Available in German and English.

1998: A Year to Remember
Amid Amidi relates the news highlights and landmarks that helped make 1998 an animated year to remember.


Executive Talk: 1999 Predictions
We asked key industry figures to predict the trends and biggest changes and events in animation that 1999 will see. The results were surprising. While animation is booming, a shift in the work load is coming...


Where the Jobs Are: Recruiting 1999
Zahra Dowlatabadi takes a look at where the jobs will be in 1999 by examining the health of several major players in the feature, CGI, direct-to-video and television animation markets.

Schools, Schools and More Schools!
The recent expansion of the animation biz has encouraged a lot of new players on the education and training field. Before jumping into a program, it is best to know what they are offering and what you want. Pamela Kleibrink Thompson explains.

Here's A How de do Diary: October
This month, Barry Purves completes animation on Gilbert and Sullivan - The Very Models; and begins post-production between trips to Spain and Italy. Read up on his fascinating life...


The Race is On: Animation Preservation in 1998 and Beyond
J.B. Kaufman explains the film preservation triumphs of 1998 and the work still to be done in saving our precious animation heritage.


Reunion Island: A New Land for Cartoon Production?
AWN General Manager Annick Teninge traveled to the Indian Ocean island of Reunion to attend the third "Crossroads of the Image of the Indian Ocean" conference which tries to unite this remote locale with the European animation industry. Available in French and English.

The Holland Animation Film Festival: A Vast Array of Programming
Menno de Nooijer traveled to HAFF for a week of fabulous screenings and catching up with old friends.

The London Effects and Animation Festival 1998: A Hands-On, Kick in the Pants, Great Time!

LEAF was everything an event about special effects and animation should be. From great screenings to gleaning excellent and useful advice from the folks on the cutting edge of technology, George Cairns recounts his festival experience.


The Prince of Egypt: DreamWorks' Biblical Epic
Toby Bluth discusses DreamWorks' long-awaited feature, The Prince of Egypt. While the animation and effects are stunning, the storytelling leaves something to be desired...

From Small Potatoes to SIGGRAPH Smash: My Odyssey
Mitch Butler was an overnight star with his SIGGRAPH hit, The Smell of Horror. Discover Mitch's rather unusual path from icy Alaska to being the toast of the fest at SIGGRAPH `98 in sunny Florida. Includes a Quicktime movie.


Saying Farewell
The animation industry has had to say good-bye to a number of its members in 1998. Amid Amidi recounts this year's losses...


Animation World News

Tigger's Voice Changes, PDI's Newest Trek Is Tusker, Nick Goes Cartoon Crazy, South Park Gets Interactive, Ideas in Animation and more...

A Desert Island Reunion
We've gathered up all our lone castaways for a compiled Desert Island luau.


by Bill Plympton

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Moses heads back to Egypt on his camel, accompanied only by his wife and his faith, in DreamWorks SKG's epic The Prince of Egypt. © DreamWorks LLC.

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