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Animation World News

by Amid Amidi

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Business: Medialab and Cine-Groupe Team Up, Cinar's Name Change, Changes for Varga, Balmur Acquires A Couple Studios.

People: Musical Chairs: Savage Steve gets represented, Cindy Coughlin joins and Veronique Angelino is promoted at BKN, The Interface Group hires Carol Hilliard, Senator Jack Austin appointed to CINAR's Board of Directors, Radomski goes Roman, Laurie Goldberg joins Cartoon Network, Computer Café hires Beau Cameron, Merkert to PDI, Morss joins Pepper's Ghost Productions, MacFarlane's "Family Guy" Values,
Universal Exec is Ousted, Tigger's Voice Changes, Roth Resigns - Herzog Harnessed In.

Films: AWN Animated Box Office Report, Wild Brain Does A Dog Cartoon, Bunny From Blue Sky, PDI's Newest Trek Is Tusker, More Bug's Life Bloopers Are Coming, Prince Of Egypt Goes Egyptian.

Television: Home Movies on UPN, Animals on 64 Zoo Lane, November Nielsen Ratings, Varga Animates Blues, Cruikshank On HDTV, Nick Goes Cartoon Crazy, (Colossal) And Zoog Disney, Cinar Hooks Up With Shanghai TV, The Return Of Wallace And Gromit, October Nielsen Ratings, TV Tidbits: The P.J.s, Payback, The First Snow Of Winter, Batman Beyond In Primetime, The Making Of "The Rugrats Movie," An All Dogs Christmas Carol, Record-Setting Rugrats, Digitally-Remastered Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Commercials: Seeing Spots by Passion Pictures, (Colossal), J.J. Sedelmaier, Klasky-Csupo, and The Attik.

Video: A.D.V. Acquires Queen Emeraldas, Baby Huey Comes To Video.

Licensing: Little Means A Lot Between Sony And Hasbro, Burger King Big With Babies, Dates Set For Licensing 99 International.

Technology: Puffin Releases Knoll Lens Flare Pro.

Internet & Interactive: South Park Gets Interactive.

Call for Entries: Hollywood Shorts Wants Animation, Win A Golden Sheaf Award, Enter The Santa Clarita Film Fest, U.S. International Film And Video Fest Call For Entries.

Awards: MTV Character Screen Test Winners, The Kwiky Mart Is Big In Holland, Cinanima Results Are In.

Events: ASIFA-Hollywood's Animation Expo

Last Month in Animation: Ideas in Animation, CalArts Experimental Animation Screening, Hollywood Shorts, Animazing Celebration, FFAF Film Screening, Association of Northern Animators Christmas Party, MPSC Local 839 Holiday Party, DCC Conference and Expo, Flaming Wonton Show, Encounters of the Indian Ocean Institute of the Image, Mendrisio Swiss Animated Film Fest, TIGHTROPE screening, MORE screening.

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