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April 1998 Vol. 3, No. 1

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The impact of animation in unexpected places...



Disney's Atomic Fleet

Mark Langer relates Walt Disney's role in making the atom our friend through his relationships with major American arms manufacturers and the U.S. government.

SGI: Simulating A Lot More Than Dinosaurs
Silicon Graphics, Inc. is the leader in simulation animation. From the military to medicine, Thor J. Mednick discovers just how broad the applications are.

An Animation Adventure in the Limits of the Amazon Rainforest
Wilson Lazaretti discusses Núcleo de Cinema de Animação de Campinas' experiences teaching animation to Amazon Rainforest natives. Available in English and Portugese.

Animation in the CAVE
Josephine Anstey and Dave Pape describe the CAVE, an entertainment prototype that can best be described as a Star Trek HoloDeck precursor.

Atelier Graphoui: Lending a Voice
Tania Nasielski describes the projects of Belgium's Atelier Graphoui, an animation studio that helps the silent be heard through pro-social projects in developing nations. Descriptions of two of their film projects in Africa and Bolivia are also included. Available in
French and English.


Cult Heroes and Their Secrets

What makes a show or character a cult craze? Dominic Schreiber investigates the similarities, from South Park to Speed Racer...

Rugrats Hit the Road
When television's number one rated toddlers hit the road with Rugrats: A Live Adventure, Animation World sent Ron MacFarlane to see Nickelodeon's stage show.


An Afternoon with Max Howard, President, Warner Bros. Feature Animation

Heather Kenyon interviews Max Howard on his thoughts about the creation of a state-of-the-art studio, its' second feature Quest for Camelot, and the future of the animated features business.


Simulation Animation: The Tools

We asked three companies, Magic Lantern Limited, Transom Technologies and Liquid Light Studios, to describe how they are utilizing animation in unexpected places and for unexpected purposes.


The Most Wonderful Voyage in Folioscope

Valérie Hamon-Rivoallon tells us about the 17th Brussels Cartoon and Animated Film Festival. Don't read this one unless you are prepared to be jealous! In
French and English.

IMAGINA `98: Digital Becomes Integral
Stéphane Singier relates the events of IMAGINA `98, Monaco's digital showcase. Available in
French and English.

The International Content Market for Interactive Media (MILIA)
Anne-Marie Messioner describes MILIA's main topics in "MILIA 1998: The Key Points," available in
French and English. Are animation and multimedia producers really learning to work together? Deborah Todd gives us the lowdown in "MILIA 1998: Towards Convergence?"


Once Upon a Napkin...The Blue Shoe

Marcy Gardner reviews The Blue Shoe, by FableVision's Peter Reynolds, a film that is guaranteed to soften even the hardest heart. Our review includes a Quicktime.


Westwood's Fortune: UCLA Film and Television Archive

Film preservationist Jere Guldin highlights the holdings of the largest university-based media archive in the United States. With over 200,000 select holdings, the UCLA Film and Television Archive located in Los Angeles is a gem.


MicroSites: Easy to Make, Hard to See

Want to make professional-looking banners for the web that are complete with animations? Ged Bauer puts this new banner-creating software, MicroSites, to the test.


Animation World News

Fox Films To Focus On Animated Fare, Simpsons Voices Sound Off, DIC Is Developing Direct-To-Video, Richard Williams To Teach NYC Masterclasses and more.

Studio Tour: Nicktoons
We attended the opening celebration of Nickelodeon's brand new animation studio in Burbank, California. Join us on a visual tour of the first new television animation studio to open in Hollywood in 35 years.

The Envelope Please...
Pixar's Geri's Game took home the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film. Find out what was said, and view a Quicktime movie from this film and the other nominees.

Everywhere But On a Desert Island...
We scoured the globe for animation studios in unexpected locations. Marius Mamora, Steff Adair and Wilson Lazaretti replied with their top ten animated films.


Dirdy Birdy
by John Dilworth

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Cover: Africa: Image courtesy of Atelier Graphoui. Brain: A brain map created using SGI's Onyx2 RealityMonster. Photo courtesy of The Laboratory of Neuroimaging at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) Division of Brain Mapping. Bridge: Coryphaeus Software created this real-time Bay Bridge model using SGI machines. © 1998 Coryphaeus Software, Inc.

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