Animation World Magazine, Issue 3.1, April 1998

Experimental Animation and Visual Effects, May 1998

his May, Animation World Magazine will take a look at the seemingly opposite worlds of Experimental Animation and Visual Effects. Melissa Chimovitz will present an in-depth profile of the New York Independent scene and Brazil's Marcos Magalhaes will recount his experiences working with Fernando Diniz on the production of 8 Point Star. Marian Rudnyk will explain his work on Titanic and Bill Fleming will discuss the evolution of the representation of fur and cloth in 3-D animation. We will also host a conversation between an experimental animator and a visual effects supervisor. Sand animation techniques and affordable computer animation set-ups will also be revealed.

We will present the RealFlash Festival winners, feature a profile of the Zagreb International Animation Festival by jury member John R. Dilworth and cover the events of Cannes' market, MIP, and Germany's Stuttgart International Film Festival. In addition, theatrical films, General Chaos and Quest for Camelot will be reviewed. We will also have two book reviews: Buzz Potamkin will review The Business of Children's Entertainment and Brian Camp will take a look at The Anime Movie Guide.

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