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BAFTA Nominees. The British Academy of Film and Television Arts has announced the nominations for its 50th British Academy Film Awards. Nominees for The Best Short Animated Film are: El Caminante, produced by Jeremy Moorshead and directed Debra Smith, Flatworld, produced by Nigel Pay and directed by Daniel Greaves, Stage Fright, by Helen Nabarro, Michael Rose and Steve Box, and T.R.A.N.S.I.T., produced by Iain Harvey and directed by Piet Kroon. In the category, The Best Achievement in Special Visual Effects, the nominees are The Borrowers, The Fifth Element, Men In Black and Titanic. The awards will be presented at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London on Sunday, April 19, 1998. Winners will be published in the following Animation Flash newsletter.

The 1998 British Animation Awards, designed by Caroline Leaf, Michael Dudok
de Wit and Sylvain Chomet. Courtesy of the BAA.

The 1998 British Animation Awards (BAA) were presented on March 5 at the National Film Theatre in London. Winning films will tour theaters in England throughout March and April. This year, the actual awards are original pieces of art created by Richard Williams, Daniel Greaves, Caroline Leaf, Graham Ralph and Rolf Harris. For information, call (44) 171 637 7103.

The winners are:
Mari Kuttna Award for Best Directorial Debut (sponsored by the Animation Unit, BBC Bristol): The Little Princess' Birthday by Jim Lefevre, Edinburgh College of Art.
Most Creative Use of New Technologies: Feeling My Way by Jonathan Hodgson.
Best Direction in a Commercial: Unison by Jerry Hibbert, produced by Hibbert Ralph Animation.
Best Animation in a Commercial: Fisherman's Friend by Stephen Weston, produced by Bermuda Shorts.
Best Children's Series (sponsored by Britt-Allcroft Company): Gogs by Deniol Morris and Michael Mort, Arrgh Animations for S4C/BBC.
Best Children's Special (sponsored by Cosgrove Hall Films): Famous Fred by Joanna Quinn, produced by TVC for Channel 4/S4C.
Best Film at the Cutting Edge (joint winners): Staggerings by Peter Collis, produced for Arts Council of England Hi-Tech Project; and Light of Uncertainty by Clive Walley, Painted Films for S4C and BBC2.
Best Film Over 10 Minutes (sponsored by John Cary Films): Death and the Mother by Ruth Lingford, produced by Ownbrand Productions for Channel 4.
Best Film Under 10 Minutes (sponsored by HIT Entertainment): 3 Ways to Go by Sarah Cox, produced by Picasso Pictures for Channel 4/Arts Council of England Scheme.
Best International Co-Production: Stressed Eric: Nativity created by Carl Gorham, produced by Absolutely Productions/Klasky Csupo.
Best TV/Film Graphics: Tomorrow Never Dies, visual effects supervisor Tim Webber, produced by FrameStore for Limelight/Eon Productions.
Craft Award: Gourmand by Andrew Higgins, Royal College of Art.
Best Scenario (sponsored by the Animation Unit, BBC Bristol): Stressed Eric: Nativity created by Carl Gorham, produced by Absolutely Productions/Klasky Csupo.
Favorite TV/Film Graphics: Tomorrow Never Dies, visual effects supervisor Tim Webber, produced by FrameStore for Limelight/Eon Productions.
Favorite Commercial: Dairylea Dunkers Dino Time by Mark Nunnely and Ray Harryhausen.
New Perspectives: Flatworld by Daniel Greaves, produced by Tandem Films Entertainment for BBC in association with EVA Entertainment VIDEAL and S4C.

Imagina, the European equivalent to SIGGRAPH, took place in Monaco, March 4-6, 1998. Visit the
review of Imagina `98 (English & French) in this issue of Animation World Magazine for a complete list of winners.

Academy Honors College Films. The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences presented the 1997 College Awards on Sunday, March 8 in Los Angeles. The award for Traditional Animation, First Place was presented by Nancy Cartwright to Bobby Podesta (Cal Arts) for his film, Smoke, and the second and third place awards went to Mark Dale Levine (UCLA) for Unborn Baby Blues and Mark Walsh (Cal Arts) for Extra Crispy. The award for Non-Traditional Animation, First Place was presented by John Dykstra to John Lally and Valerie Mih (USC) for their film, <
Pets,> and the second and third place awards went to Chris Higgins (University of Georgia) for Mamita Rica and Ian Wilmoth (RISD) for Asa Nisi Masa.

Software Shone At Tech Oscars. About 520 people attended the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Scientific and Technical Awards Presentation on Saturday, February 28 at the Regent Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills, California. The gathering of "brains in bowties," as celebrity presenter Ashley Judd called them, were brought together to recognize innovators in the development of motion picture technologies, which includes more animation software systems than in recent years. Animation-related honors went to Richard Chuang, Glenn Entis and Carl Rosendahl for the concept and architecture of the Pacific Data Images (PDI) Animation System; to Greg Hermanovic, Kim Davidson, Mark Elendt and Paul H. Breslin for the development of the procedural modeling and animation components for Side Effects Software's Prisms software package; to James J. Keating, Michael Wahrman and Richard Hollander for their contributions that led to the Wavefront Advanced Visualizer computer graphics system; to William Kovacs for his creative leadership and Roy Hall for his principal engineering efforts that led to the Wavefront Advanced Visualizer computer graphics system; to John Gibson, Rob Kreiger, Milan Novacek, Glen Ozymok and Dave Springer for the development of the geometric modeling component of the Alias PowerAnimator system; to Dominique Boisvert, Réjean Gagné, Daniel Langlois and Richard Laperriére for the development of the "Actor" animation component of the Softimage computer animation system; to Eben Ostby, William Reeves, Samuel J. Leffler and Tom Duff for the development of Pixar's Marionette 3-D Computer Animation System and to Craig W. Reynolds for his pioneering contributions to the development of 3-D computer animation for motion picture production; to Richard Shoup, Alvy Ray Smith and Thomas Porter for their pioneering efforts in the development of digital paint systems used in motion picture production.

Brussels Picks Cartoon D'Or Noms. The Brussels International Animation Festival wrapped up with a closing ceremony on February 28, at which they announced the festival's nominee selections for the Cartoon d'Or prize for the best European animated film. The four films selected by Brussels are Fragile by Daniel Wiroth, Marie by Corinne Kuyl,
T.R.A.N.S.I. T .by Piet Kroon and Many Happy Returns by Marjut Rimminen. Only six animation festivals are invited to suggest films for the coveted Cartoon d'Or prize: Brussels, Annecy, Utrecht, Cardiff, Espinho and Oslo. Additional nominees will be submitted by these festivals throughout the year, and the winning film will be selected by CARTOON's jury and announced at the next annual CARTOON forum in September, 1998.

Santa Clarita. The Santa Clarita International "Family-Themed" Film Festival took place in Santa Clarita, California, in February. Animated films which received awards are: Tale of Egypt directed by Diane Eskenazi (Sony Wonder Films/Golden Films) for Best Animation-Feature, Officer Buckle and Gloria directed by Chris Larson (O'Plenty Animation) for Best Animation-Short and Charlie, the Leprechaun written by Michael Stribling for Best Screenplay-Animation.

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