Animation World Magazine, Issue 2.8, November 1997

November 1997 Vol. 2, No. 8

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Home Videos and Animation Art: keeping a memory alive...



Toby Talk: In His Own Words

With the direct-to-home video release of Babes in Toyland, Toby Bluth shares his memories with us of growing up in a household that included brother Don...

Buena Vista Home Entertainment: A Very Lucky Accident Indeed
When one thinks of animated videos, one thinks of Disney. Ilene Hoffman takes us inside to meet the key players behind the phenomenon that has influenced the entire industry.

The Life Cycle of DVD
To buy DVD or not to buy this your holiday question? Russell Bekins offers some expert advice.

Animation To Go
Wendy Jackson reviews the newest releases on home video and offers insight into the growing quality and depth of this market.

Video Parlors Take Root in Kenya
The power of the video tape is just beginning to be realized in Kenya. Justus Olielo tells us how it is being done.

Growth Looms In The Made-For-Video Animation Market
George Johnston reports on the numerous direct-to-video projects that are underway and discusses the many positive aspects of this lucrative market.

The World's Biggest Animation Home Video Market?
It is no secret that Japan consumes a massive amount of animated entertainment, but just how big is the home video market? Fred Patten puts it all in perspective.


Animation for Sale

Deborah Reber recently sat down with Christie's Animation Art Consultant Pierre Lambert. Over a fabulous French meal, Pierre discusses determining the market value for exceptional animation art pieces.

Collecting Animation Art 101
Production cels, limited editions, sericels, lithographs ... confused? Steven Grossfeld explains all, while also offering valuable buyer tips.

Inside Christie's: A Conversation With Elyse Luray-Marx
Heather Kenyon interviews Christie's animation art expert, Elyse Luray-Marx, for an inside view into the prestigious auction house. Are they stuffy? Guess again!

Animation Art Online: AWN Launches The Animation World Store
Featuring exclusive Richard Condie artwork from The Big Snit and The Tooniversal Company's limited edition animation art work, the Animation World Store has now officially opened its' doors.

So, You Want To Open An Animation Art Gallery!
Tim Stocoak, a disgruntled ex-animation art gallery employee, offers his editorial regarding the world of selling animation art. Buyer beware...


MIPCOM 1997: Animation, Animation Everywhere

Adam Snyder shops us around the business floor at one of the year's largest markets, MIPCOM in Cannes, France.

Cartoon Forum in Arles: Business as Usual
The latest from Europe, Heikki Jokinen recounts the news and views from Arles, France's Cartoon Forum.



Anastasia: Fox's Great Hope

At last, Anastasia is here with great results. Harvey Deneroff reviews Fox Family Entertainment's first animated feature.

The Odyssey Video Collection of Computer Animation.
Judith Cockman reviews the good, the bad and the brilliant of four new computer animation home video titles released by Sony Music Video.

Smash: A Fast Moving Thesis
Don Perro takes a look at Kirsten Winter's impressive visual narrative Smash..


Speed Racer Lives Again: An Interview with J.J. Sedelmaier
Everybody's favorite animated race car driver is turning 30. With all eyes on Speed and crew, we decided to interview J.J. Sedelmaier about his award winning Volkswagen commercial and Elizabeth Moran's new book,
Speed Racer: The Official 30th Anniversary Guide.

Warner Bros. Animation Art: Come Celebrate
Warner Bros. animation art collectors now have a book to call their own. Heidi Leigh reviews this new work by Jerry Beck and Will Friedwald.


ASIFA-Hollywood as a Resource

David Crane describes what the Los Angeles chapter of the International Animated Film Association, ASIFA-Hollywood, has to offer animation enthusiasts.


Animation World News

Disney Opens Shop In Toronto, Jerry Beck Moves To Disney, Spumco Debuts Web Toons, and more.


On A Desert Island With. . . . Animation Art Aficionados

Linda Jones, Pierre Lambert and Graham Parker reveal their top ten films.


Dirdy Birdy
by John Dilworth

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