Animation World Magazine, Issue 2.8, November 1997

An Open Letter to the ASIFA-Hollywood Awards and Nominating Committees
Okay, here's the problem voting members of ASIFA-Hollywood have:

How do they vote on Individual Achievement Awards if the example being submitted has more than one name on the credits? The logical answer? The multiple credit example does NOT qualify for an individual achievement award. YET, I see in ASIFA-Hollywood's house newsletter, The Inbetweener, that there are many "individual" award nominees that have two or more names attached.

An example: "Outstanding Individual Achievement for PRODUCING IN A FEATURE PRODUCTION" (I can only wonder what the criteria is for this judgment call!). This category shows three producers for the Hercules feature.

Come on, people! That's not an INDIVIDUAL achievement! It's a TEAM achievement!

Another example: "Outstanding Individual Achievement for MUSIC IN AN ANIMATED TELEVISION PRODUCTION." Under Boo! To You Winnie The Pooh, I see listed two names under the title: songwriter.

Excuse me. That's songwriters...plural. No individual achievement here. Two people collaborating. A TEAM achievement again.

Another example: "PRODUCING IN AN ANIMATED TELEVISION PRODUCTION." Two names again under this nomination for The Simpsons, "The Springfield Files." Yet, when you look at the credits or see the vast amount of people that go up on stage to receive a Prime-time [Emmy] award, it obviously takes more than those two folks to produce a show of that caliber. So, are the two people nominated here the REAL producers and everyone else who got credit FAKE producers? Doesn't matter, two or twenty, it's a TEAM again.

Why are the categories of "individual achievement" created if not to acknowledge the exceptional personal effort of an outstanding individual? By "ganging" up the credits like this you minimize the achievement.

I'm not suggesting that the credits in those categories are bogus. Film is often, I'd say usually, a team effort. Other awards reflect this. Why muddy up a competition with examples that don't fit the very basic qualification of being INDIVIDUAL?

Nominating committees, ignore the temptation to nominate your friends whether they qualify or not. Save yourself a lot of work by eliminating all credits in the "Individual" categories that have more than one name attached.

Awards committee, the idea of an individual achievement award is a good one. Don't make it a farce by allowing this type of competition. Judge teamwork against teamwork and individuals against individuals.

(And what were you thinking of when you created the "Producing for" category?)

Larry Huber
Executive Producer, Oh Yeah! Cartoons, Nicktoons

cc: ASIFA-Hollywood

Dear Mr. Huber:

Thank you for copying your letter to
Animation World Magazine. I am sure a number of our readers will be interested in this letter and we encourage this to be an open forum for discussion.

The Editors

Another New School
In regards to where and what is the best animation school to learn character animation may I add to the list, NBCC Miramichi, New Brunswick. With it's animation and graphic technology course, it is the East Coast solution. This new program has only just been initiated, but it does offer traditional animation and drawing courses, as well as computer animation training. In fact, NBCC presently has state of the art equipment for training.

It is a two year program with the second year emphasis on an entrepreneurial business aspect of animation, where the student is to secure a client to produce a product. NBCC also offers programs in virtual reality, electronic game design, artificial intelligence and multi-media. I would highly recommend this course, but then again, I'm one of the instructors.

Harold Duckett
Classical Animation Instructor
Miramichi College

Dear Mr. Duckett:

Thank you for the information! We appreciate hearing from our readers and I'm sure students out there are taking note.

The Editors

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