Animation World Magazine, Issue 2.8, November 1997

Gaming! December 1997

In December we will explore the expansive world of interactive animation. Christopher Harz will take us on a journey outlining the types of games that are available to play on the web. Have you noticed how all the newest games are available on Sony PlayStation? Joseph Szadkowski will investigate why. Doug TenNapel, visionary creator of The Neverhood, will be interviewed by Pamela Kleibrink Thompson about using clay animation as his unique visual style for CD-ROM games. Pamela will also report on her area of expertise (Listen up student readers!) in "Getting a Job in Multimedia." Wendy Jackson will detail some of the new games out for the holiday season and Tim Samoff will take us to class with "Gaming Tools: 101." In addition, Natalya Loukinykh will introduce us to Russia's "New Media Generation," while what is shaking "Down Under" will also be revealed.

Two bonus articles are also featured this month. Karl Cohen profiles The Yellow Submarine on its 30th anniversary, and Melissa Chimovitz will share her interview with Piotr Dumala and Jerzy Kucia at Fantoche.

Review section highlights include: Gunnar Strøm's report on the SAS Conference and Sayoko Kinoshita's review of Cinanima, Portugal's animation festival.


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