Animation World Magazine, Issue 2.8, November 1997

This Month's Contributors

Russell Bekins is a writer and media and story analyst working in Hollywood. He has worked for such film companies as MGM, Tri-Star, CAA and labored mightily (not to mention fruitlessly) as a development executive at Disney-based Tidewater Entertainment. Most recently he has written for a satirical website,, detailing the despair of a small high-tech company.

Judith Cockman, a Canadian currently living in Los Angeles, is a playwright, award-winning documentary writer, actor and journalist. She has written about animation for The Toronto Star, Kidscreen Magazine and SPLAT!, a behind-the-scenes-type television series about the world of animation.

Dave Crane is Coordinator of the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Center. He has assisted ASIFA with publications and other projects since 1981.

Harvey Deneroff is editor and publisher of The Animation Report, an industry newsletter, author of The Art of Anastasia (HarperCollins) and the former editor of Animation World Magazine.

Steven Grossfeld has been collecting animation art for 22 years. He is President of C.A. Animation (, founder and moderator of CELMAIL (, the weekly e-mail newsletter of animation art fans, and is a long-time member of ASIFA International. His articles have been published in In Toon! Magazine, The Inside Collector, Storyboard - The Art of Laughter, and in CELMAIL. Some of Steven's interviews have aired on CNN, Fox News and News 12 - Long Island (New York). He resides in Great Neck, New York with his wife Debbi, and is the father of four children.

Ilene Hoffman was most recently Director of Development for Turner Feature Animation, having worked on the film Cats Don't Dance. Prior to Turner, she was Manager of Development, Motion Pictures at Hanna-Barbera Cartoons. Ilene earned her B.A. in English literature from Brown University. She is now writing for film and television while pursuing a Masters in English at Middlebury College.

Wendy Jackson is Associate Editor of Animation World Magazine.

George Johnston is the electronic editor at The Hollywood Reporter and is a member of the Writers Guild of America's Animation Writers Caucus.

Heikki Jokinen is a freelance journalist and critic specializing in animation, short film and comics. He lives in Helsinki, Finland and is a board member of ASIFA-Nordic, the ASIFA regional organization for the five Nordic and three Baltic states. This Cartoon Forum is the fifth one in which he has participated.

Heather Kenyon is Editor-in-Chief of Animation World Magazine.

Heidi Leigh is an animation art collector and dealer with Animazing Gallery in New York.

Justus Olielo is the Assistant Communication Officer at the UNICEF- Eastern and Southern African Regional Office, located in Nairobi, Kenya.

Don Perro is an animator/instructor who enjoys the challenge of training animation students for successful careers in the industry. He has made one experimental film in his life: a frame by frame tour of his 1977 KZ 650 motorcycle using a macro lens, one inch from the bike. It was never shown to anyone.

Fred Patten has written on anime for fan and professional magazines since the late 1970s. He currently writes a regular anime column for Animation Magazine.

Deborah Reber has been an Animation Development Consultant with UNICEF for the past three years, and currently oversees the Cartoons for Children's Rights campaign, as well as other animation advocacy activities.

Adam Snyder is President of Rembrandt Films, producer of Nudnik and Friends, distributed by Sunbow Entertainment, and several other series distributed by Palm Plus Productions, including classic animation from Zagreb Film and the Sofia Animation Studio, which are packaged into two thirteen part series, Maxicat and Friends and Three Fools and Friends respectively. This was his second MIPCOM.

Tim Stocoak, a disgruntled former animation art gallery employee, is the editor of BEA & EFF, a zine about the ridiculous world of animation art collecting.

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