Animation World Magazine, Issue 2.8, November 1997

A page from an archeologist's notebook reveals a scary future...
In the garbage mounds of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, new evidence is being uncovered of a fierce war that raged between different electronic platforms.
A study of the gadgets thrown away during these years tells the sad story of a decadent society bereft of electronic standards. Note the acceleration of abandoned devices as the 20th century draws to a close.
As with all archeology, the dates are plus or minus a few years, so lighten up.
2008 Internal combustion cars Windows culture
Internet culture
2007 Macintosh computers Mac Culture
2006 All film cameras
2005 NTSC standard TV sets
2004 Video Cassette recorders
2003 DVD standard
2002 DIVX standard
2001 Zip drives
2000 Year of the bug; end of DOS culture
1999 3 1/2 inch disk drives Dos Culture
1997 Sega CD
1996 3DO CD format
1995 Apple Newtons
1994 CD-I CD format
1992 5 inch disk drives
1991 Amiga computers Amiga Culture
1989 8 mm film camera
1988 Comodore computers Commodore culture
1985 Beta VCR format
1980s Turntables
Electric typewriters
Slide projectors Analog culture
1970s 8-track tape players
Rotary dial telephones
1960s Vacuum tube stereos and radios
Black & white television sets
Manual typewriters
Slide rules
Disgusted with years of avarice between different corporations attempting to corner the market, the population of these times then fell victim to messianic religious Luddites, and eventually abandoned technology altogether.
The devastating effects of this loss of standards can be seen by glancing at a timeline of events that begins where the archeological record ends...
2009 Internet push technology, cellular phones outlawed; video arcades smashed
2010 Messianic neo-Luddite rebellion, Bill Gates mansion stormed by angry mob
2011 Schools make singing, drumming, and flute core subjects
Death penalty applied to inventors of killer aps; air guitars confiscated
2012 Campfire dancing compulsory; internet and phone wires cut
2013 Saints Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young canonized Dark Ages


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