Animation World Magazine, Issue 2.7, October 1997

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October 1997 Vol. 2, No. 7

Editor's Notebook: The Coming of Age of Kids
Licensing and merchandising is playing to kids and teaching them that they can get what they want, in a big way.



The Animated Strategy: Building A Strategic Plan For Your Products

Marketing consultant Jennifer Deare details the steps to building a strategic marketing plan for an animated project's success.

Merchandising To Kids -- It Ain't Childs Play!
Dave Siegel gives us his inside view on the kids of today, what they want and the influence that they wield.

Animation Studio Stores: The Sophisticated Retail Outlet
Why all the studio stores? Control, control, control. Teresa Klein investigates the many profitable facets of studio stores.

Merchandising in Japan: It's Big Rewards and Competition
Karen Raugust takes us to Japan where animated merchandise can produce huge profits in a very competitive marketplace.

Meena Comes To A Store Near You ... If You Live in South Asia
UNICEF's Meena is ready to launch this November and become the non-profit's first project to be ultimately self-financing. Christian Clark explains how and why this huge step involves bringing L&M to rural and remote places.

Licensing, Merchandising and Production: An Interview With Robby London
Robby London discusses the importance of licensing and merchandising in regards to production with Heather Kenyon.

Europe Strikes Back
What is CARTOON and just what are they doing in Arles? Heikki Jokinen answers all of our questions as he outlines the European Union's MEDIA program, CARTOON, the European Association of Animated Film.


The Role of the Agent: An Experienced Expert

John Goldsmith of Metropolis defines just why you need an agent to help navigate through your career.



KROK '97

The world's only magical and peculiar floating animation festival is reviewed by oTTo Alder in "A Long Voyage Down the River Dnjeper," which is available in both German and English. A complete list of award-winning films is also included.

Anima Mundi `97: Brazil's Time to Shine
Our coverage of the fifth annual festival in Rio Di Janiero, Brazil includes: a review by Edmundo Barrieros, "Anima Mundi In Brief," in both Portuguese and English, an essay, "On the Winning Film: Dada," by Lea Zagury and Aida Queiros which discusses Piet Kroon's Dada, and a Quicktime movie of the award-winning film.

SAFO `97: The First Time Around
The first Student Animation Festival of Ottawa is reviewed by Joan Ashworth of the Royal College of Art. Will this become another Ottawa tradition?

Fantoche: Switzerland's Experiment
Thomas Basgier reports on the second annual Fantoche Festival in Baden, Switzerland, a festival which prides itself on screening the best in experimental and alternative animation.


Rue Rosé: A Twist on Rose-Colored Glasses
This well-crafted, thought provoking short film by Volker Schlecht is reviewed by Don Perro. The review includes a Quicktime movie.


Mmmmmm... Virtual Travel Guide
If you remember Truckzilla, Apu's Secret Garden, or The Sandwich, then it's time for you to move to Virtual Springfield. Joe Toledo reviews this much anticipated new game from Fox Interactive.


Animation At The Museum Of The Moving Image

Yvette Burrows describes the Museum's collection and many of the intriguing animation events and training courses being held at London's world-famous MOMI.


Animation World News

Blue Sky and VIFX merge, the Annecy festival goes annual, Miyazaki's latest feature tops Japanese box office records, Disney's Sleeping Beauty awakens on video and much, much more.

Happy Birthday, Chuck Jones!
AWM attended the animation legend's swanky 85th birthday party. Our coverage includes a Quicktime movie of an exclusive interview with Chuck Jones.

Springfield, Nevada
AWM visited Henderson, Nevada, to see first-hand the home of The Simpsons. View our Quicktime movies, for a full tour of the house and coverage of an entire day of Fox festivities.

Cartoon Network's Dive-In Theater: A Floating Cinema
Cartoon Network explains why they chose to promote their new World Premier Toons in pools around the U.S. There's also an opportunity to win a Dive-In Theater raft. Hurry! Supplies are limited.

On A Desert Island With. . . . Top Ten Toys
Jenny Gentile, Andrew Witkin and Scott Mitchell Rosenberg


Dirdy Birdy
by John Dilworth, as seen on MTV's Cartoon Sushi!

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