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September 1997 Vol. 2, No. 6

Editor's Notebook
Aah, television, our old friend. What madness the power of a child with a remote control instills in us...



A Conversation With: Arlene Sherman and Abby Terkuhle

Mo Willems hosts a conversation over dinner with CTW's Arlene Sherman and MTV's Abby Terkuhle. What does this unlikely duo have in common? More than you would think!

CTW and MTV: Shorts of Influence
The impact that CTW and MTV has had on one another, the industry and beyond is the subject of Chris Robinson's in-depth investigation.

Tooning in the Fall Season
A new splash of fresh programming is soon to hit the airwaves. In this pivotal year of FCC rulings and vertical integration, let's see what has been produced.

Saturday Morning Bonanza: The New Crop for the Kiddies
The incurable, couch potato Martha Day decides what she's going to watch on Saturday mornings in the U.S.

What's On? TV Schedules From Around the World
Wondering what animated shows are being watched in Brazil? Germany? And More? This compilation will take you on a mini-tour around the world. Who knows, maybe they are watching what you are.

Mushrooms After the Rain: France's Children's Channels
As a crop of new children's channels springs up in France, Marie-Agnès Bruneau depicts the new players, in both the satellite and cable arenas, during these tumultuous times. A fierce competition is about to begin...

The Korean Animation Explosion
Milt Vallas reports on Korea's growth from humble beginnings to big business. This Asian dynamo is striving to be taken seriously by the international animation community.

The Cost of Eyeballs: Advertising Dollars & TV
Buzz Potamkin takes a long look at the relationship between on-air advertising and television animation. As ratings become diluted across the channels, where does the future lie?

Joanna Priestley: A Continuing Dialogue
Rose Bond interviews Joanna Priestley and reveals the unique relationship between the filmmaker and her films.

Charlie Thorson: Character Design In Classic Animation
Gene Walz chronicles the mysterious career of Charlie Thorson, a crucial character designer who was quite a character himself.


The Television Animation Portfolio: A Model

So, you want to work for a large television studio? Veteran television producer Larry Huber describes what you had better show him in order to get a job.



SIGGRAPH `97: Too Much to Do, See and Think in a Week

Our SIGGRAPH review includes: an online version of the Computer Animation Festival, complete with Quicktime clips; a review of the Electronic Theater by Avi Hoffer; news of the week's most important announcements; and an industry survey.

San Diego's Comic Con: The King of All Cons
The title says it all! Scott Brick reviews the world's largest comic book expo.

Masters Of Animation: An Unprecedented Opportunity
Seattle's first animation festival gets a glowing review by Doug Ranney. His tales of hobnobbing with animation's biggest stars in a casual setting are sure to make you green with envy.

AnimExpo'97: An Introduction to the Rising Tiger
Korea's AnimExpo is reviewed by Detelina Kreck who reveals a thriving, lively community.


Animation in the NFTVA

This month we are defining the collection at The National Film & Television Archive in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1936, the NFTVA has an expansive collection of British animation available for investigation.


Animation World News

Good-Bye Springfield....Hello Nevada?, Disney Quests For Gaming Market, WB Turns Iron Giant Green.


On A Desert Island With . . . TV Visionaries

Martin Lickleder, Steve Purcell, Enzo d'Alo, Trey Parker and Matt Stone reveal their top ten films.


Dirdy Birdy
by John Dilworth, as seen on MTV's Cartoon Sushi!

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