Animation World Magazine, Issue 2.6, September 1997

Licensing and Merchandising,
October 1997

This month we will take a look at a field that is constantly growing in importance - Licensing and Merchandising. Entertainment promotions expert Jennifer Deare will tell us about building strategic promotions while Teresa A. Klein will outline the benefits and drawbacks of the new wave of "studio stores" vs. the good, ol' fashioned nationwide chain. Robby London will draw upon his years of production experience to relate L&M's new role within an animation production. Tom Tumbufch will lead us down memory lane with an in-depth account of Disney's first product lines, while Karen Raugust will detail Japan's current merchandising trends. The success of Aardman's Wallace and Gromit products plus UNICEF's soon to be launched Meena line in South Asia will also be examined. The Ukraine's current situation will be relayed by animation producer Natalya Loukinykh. We will also feature London's Museum of the Moving Image in our "Hidden Treasures" column and hear one of animation's hottest agents, John Goldsmith, describe why young up-and-comers need his services.

In addition, we will unveil two new features! AWM will now present a monthly film review. Get a jump on the festival selection committees and check it out! We are adding a monthly online chat with a special guest as well. Throughout the month of October, Jennifer Deare will answer all of your questions regarding the strategic promotion of licensing, merchandising and your project.

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