Animation World Magazine, Issue 2.5, August 1997

August 1997 Vol. 2, No. 5

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Editor's Notebook
Computer animation is on everyone's lips, but what exactly is being said? Heather Kenyon discusses the good and the bad.



Animation and Visualization of Space Mission Data
We have all been glued to our television screens, amazed by the images of Mars that are being beamed thousands of miles through space. How do they do that? William B. Green and Eric M. DeJong from the California Institute of Technology Jet Propulsion Laboratory explain.

SIGGRAPH:Past and Present
Super hip SIGGRAPH was founded in the world of academia and military tests far before visual effects were even considered. Joan Collins traces the growth of computer animation through the organization's conferences.

Don't Believe Your Eyes
It is real, or is it animation? Bill Hilf explores the aesthetic implications of our new digital realm.

Going Digital and Loving It
Traditional animator Guionne Leroy describes her first digital experience. Currently working on a new clay short, she is shooting it with a digital camera and having a blast with the new opportunities.

Computer Animation 101:A Guide for the Computer Illiterate Hand-Animator
Jo Juürgens answers everything you ever wanted to know about basic computer animation but where afraid to ask. Think you don't know enough to be hired? Think again.

2D and 3D:Together For The Better
Sean MacLennan Murch describes how companies are integrating 2D and 3D animation in order to obtain the best of both worlds.

John Whitney, Computer Animation Pioneer
William Moritz profiles the career of John Whitney and his significant contribution to computer animation.


    Digital Animation Programs:Three School Profiles
    With digital animators being the hottest commodity on the market, AWM profiles three schools that have recently received major donations from leading corporations. Mike Scroggins profiles CalArts. Dr. Richard Weinberg discusses USC's program, while Robin King describes the Sheridan College experience.


The Ever-Expanding E3 (Does that make it E5?)
Who said games weren't booming? Joseph Szadkowski recounts the parties, bustle and new CD-ROM releases from the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Israel's Third International Festival of Creative Filmmaking
Karl Cohen relates his magical week in Tel-Aviv at the Festival of Creative

Filmmaking.Licensing International 1997:A Grand Success
Those plush toys, toothbrushes and lunch boxes are continuing to gain importance. Deborah Reber reports on the most successful Licensing International to date.


    The Whitney Archive
    Michael Whitney relates a few of his father's ideas and achievements and his own hopes to fulfill his father's dream of creating an official archive of films and materials.


Animation World News
Miyazaki To Stop Directing Features, Cinar Acquires Carson-Dellosa, Daytime Emmys Animation Winners, and more...


On A Desert Island With...Digerati
Computer animators Steve Williams, Webster Colcord and Doug Dooley reveal their top ten animated films.


Dirdy Birdy by John Dilworth.
As seen on MTV's Cartoon Sushi!

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Cover:A computer generated image of the Galileo spacecraft as it approaches Jupiter created by the California Institute of Technology Jet Propulsion Laboratory. ©JPL.

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