Animation World Magazine, Issue 2.4, July 1997

July 1997 Vol. 2, No. 4

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Editor's Notebook
Heather Kenyon introduces this issue with a focus on two hot topics in the comics world plus introduces two new features of the magazine.



Stan Lee: Comic Guru

Michael Goldman probes the life and times of Marvel's exuberant creator of such titles as Spider Man, The X-Men, The Incredible Hulk and many more.

Tick Fever Endures
Ben Edlund, the creator of The Tick, talks to Deborah Reber about the evolution of everyone's favorite blue superhero and what's next on his horizon.

Dreamland Japan: Manga's Paradise
Frederik Schodt explains to Maureen Furniss a few aspects of the Japanese culture behind manga and its huge success.

Popeye From Script To Screen
Mark Langer chronicles the evolution of one of the most enduring
characters in animation history, the sailor man who got his start in comic strips.

Global Trends: It's a Tough World Out There for Native Comics
As the world becomes smaller, individual countries' comics industries are changing. John A. Lent explains.

Censorship In Comics: Is This the United States?
Susan Alston of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund describes the shocking state of the nation.

Strip-Mining For Animation
John Cawley looks at the relationship between comics and animation over the years, from Gertie the Dinosaur to Men In Black.

Comic Strips & Animation: The Belgian Tradition
Philippe Moins explores Belgium's long tradition of comics and animation. Available in
French and English.

Virtually Melting Down:
The Quest to Produce an Animated Independent Feature

Randy Lofficier describes how she and Perfect World Entertainment are doing the impossible.


Developing the Next Animated Blockbuster: It Isn't An Easy Process

Ellipse's Robert Réa, Gerard Baldwin (The Smurfs) and Warner Bros. Feature Animation's Laura Harkcom and Tim Hauser discuss the daily challenges of developing animated properties from comic books.

Getting That Big Call And Entering Development!
MainBrain's Tom Mason (Dinosaurs For Hire), Steve Rude (Nexus) and Randy and Jean-Marc Lofficier (The Garage) describe their experiences in the world of development.

Both Sides of the Coin: Comics Into Animation
Take a look at comics and their animation counterparts by Bill Plympton, Todd McFarlane and Christian Clark. Includes Quicktime movie clips!


Getting Published: A Few Suggested Paths

Independent publisher Steve Peters, MainBrain's Tom Mason and Dark Horse's David Scroggy give tips on how to see your work printed and in stores. Also includes submission guidelines for sending your work to publishers.


Surviving MIP: A Buyer's Guide

Theresa Plummer-Andrews recounts her typical experience as one of the most sought after buyers at one of the world's largest markets.

The 21st Annecy International Animated Film Festival and Market
AWM's report from the mother of all animation festivals includes A Booming MIFA, But For Whom? by Buzz Potamkin, and Annecy: The Long and The Short of the Carnival by the Lake in English and in French by French journalist and Annecy veteran Michel Roudevitch.




UCLA Greek literature professor Dr. John Rundin conducts a lively review of Disney's feature adaptation of the traditional Greek fairy tale.


The Complete Anime Guide: A Complete Reference Book
Brian Camp reviews The Complete Anime Guide , a Japanese Animation Film Directory and Resource Guide.

PLUS, Camp also includes a special sidebar
Manga into Anime which compares the adaptive processes of Sanctuary and Ghost in the Shell.

Serious Business: Serious Book?
Mark Kausler reviews Serious Business: The Art and Commerce of Animation in America From Betty Boop to Toy Story, and has some serious problems.


Anything But A Hash Up
Animation:Master Version 5 is reviewed by Tim Elston with great results.


An Archive Profile:
The John Canemaker Collection at New York University

John Canemaker explains the contents of his extensive newly created archives at NYU.


Animation World News

Warner Digital Closing Doors, Bugs Bunny Shows Up On Stamps, Silicon Graphics Pumps $4 Million Into Cal Arts and more


Phyllis Craig: A Woman of Many Colors (1929-1997)

Color key veteran and friend to all, especially students, passes away.

A Tribute to Jerry Smith (1936-1997): World Ambassador
Friends and colleagues say goodbye to a pioneer of international television production.


On A Desert Island With. . . . Comic Informants
Ben Edlund, Stan Lee, Bill Plympton and Jerry Beck.


Dirdy Birdy
by John Dilworth

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Cover: Ben Edlund's The Tick animated series. © Fox Children's Network.


Recently it came to the Editor's attention that "The Digital Demand: California Governor Pete Wilson Proposes A Scholarship Initiative," published in the June Jobs and Education issue, contained a misprint. Dave Master was not making a comment on or related to the Governor's program but was rather issuing a statement on the general status of art education on a broad national and international spectrum. Since the article focuses on Governor Wilson's proposal it is inappropriate to include Mr. Master's comments, which were unrelated to the Governor's proposal. The revised article is now on-line for view. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this oversight may have caused.

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