Animation World Magazine, Issue 2.4, July1997

Character News

Bugs Bunny is turning up on 265 million
U.S. postage stamps.

Bugs Bunny Shows Up On Stamps. Get 'em while they're hot, Doc! Warner Bros.' classic character Bugs Bunny is going down in history as the first cartoon character to appear on a U.S. postage stamp. The souvenir sheets of ten 32 cent commemorative stamps premiered on May 22, in an edition of 265 million stamps. Bugs has also been enlisted as the spokesbunny for the U.S. Postal Service's Stampers program, aimed at turning kids onto stamp collecting. Children can become a "Stamper" by calling 1-888-STAMP-FUN, to receive comic books, games, a magazine and collector kit. Meanwhile, Bugs Bunny was recently showcased on CARTOON NETWORK in "June Bugs," a 48 hour marathon of Bugs' toons which included a never-before broadcast 1991 short titled "Blooper Bunny."





A model plan for the new Marvel Mania restaurant.

Marvel To Open Comic-Themed Restaurant. Marvel Entertainment Group and Planet Hollywood International have teamed up to create Marvel Mania, their flagship comic-themed restaurant at Universal Citywalk at Universal Studios in California. The project was announced to the media (and a group of very excited school children) at a recent presentation featuring costumed characters and a visit by comic guru Stan Lee, who joked "I'll always get a table at this restaurant!". Scheduled to open in fall 97, Marvel Mania is a 25,000 square foot facility designed to give up to 400 diners the illusion of being inside a comic book, by means of special effects, decoration, an interactive waiting area, and a giant TV screen showing animation of Marvel characters such as Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk and The X-Men. A second Marvel Mania is slated to open at Universal Studios Florida in the summer of 1998.

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