May 1997 Vol. 2, No. 2


Words From the Publisher
A few changes 'round here. . . .

Editor's Notebook

Letters to the Editor
QAS responds to the ASIFA Canada/Ottawa Festival discussion.

Acme Filmworks: The Independent's Commercial Studio
Marcy Gardner explores the vision and diverse talents of this unique collective production company.

(Colossal) Pictures Proves There is Life After Chapter 11
Karl Cohen chronicles the saga of San Francisco's (Colossal) Pictures.

Ray Tracing With Blue Sky Studios
Susan Ohmer profiles one of the leading edge computer animation studios working in the U.S.

Fumes From the Fjords
Gunnar Strøm investigates the history behind pre-WWII Norwegian animated cigarette commercials.

The PGA Connection
Gene Walz offers a look back at Canadian commercial studio Phillips, Gutkin and Associates.

Making the Cel:Women in Commercials
Bonita Versh profiles some of the commercial industry's leading female animation directors.

An Interview With Peter Lord
Wendy Jackson talks with co-founder and award winning director of Aardman Animation Studio.

Festivals, Events:

Cartoons on the Bay

Giannalberto Bendazzi reports on the second annual gathering in Amalfi.

The World Animation Celebration
The return of Los Angeles' only animation festival was bigger than ever.

The Hong Kong Film Festival
Gigi Hu screens animation in Hong Kong on the dawn of a new era.


Fred Patten reviews Samurai from Outer Space: Understanding Japanese Animation.

Software: John Parazette-Tillar braves the world of Java, testing out two new programs, WebBurst and Jamba.

Cinar opens shop in Europe, Aardman announces their feature film, Pixar closes their interactive division and more. . . .

On A Desert Island . . .Commercial Free?
Ron Diamond, Darrel Van Citters and Paul Vester.

AWN Comics

The Dirdy Birdy by John R. Dilworth.

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Cover: Image from Aleksandra Korejwo's Tammhäuser commercial for The Austin Lyric Opera. © Acme Filmworks.

Illustrations by Raimund Krumme © Acme Filmworks

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