Animation World Magazine, Issue 2.1, April 1997

Writers' Bios - April 1997

Joe Bevilacqua (joebev@ibm.nett) is a Los Angeles-based voice actor, writer, producer, and director. His radio plays have been aired on public radio stations throughout the United States. He is currently working on a comedy Web site, featuring his original online animated cartoon, Barnaby and Max, Radio Repairmen, which will soon appear on the Internet. His cartoon voices can be heard on the Web at

Composer/synthesist Amin Bhatia has been writing for film for nearly 20 years. Recent projects include Once a Thief, directed by John Woo, and Nelvana's animated series Blazing Dragons. He has worked on album projects with David Foster and Steve Porcaro and is currently working on the sequel to his solo CD, Interstellar Suite.

Guillaume Calop is AWN's Webmaster and Animation World Magazine's Technical Editor.

Daniel Goldmark is a musicologist who spends his time watching cartoons and talking about medieval music. He currently works in the bowels of Spümco, where he tries to keep the library and archives in order, as well as continuing to investigate the role of music in animated cartoons.

Wendy Jackson ( is Associate Editor of Animation World Magazine.

J.B. Kaufman is an independent film historian who has written extensively on early Disney animation. He is co-author, with Russell Merritt, of Walt in Wonderland, and the two are currently completing a second book on the Silly Symphonies, to be published by La Cineteca del Friuli in 1998.

Jacquie Kubin is a freelance writer who first became interested in writing about Mark Hamill in the fall of 1996 due to his release of the comic book, The Black Pearl. This is the fourth article on Mark that Jacquie has written or contributed to. Send your comments to or visit her newspaper, The Pop Art Times, at

John A. Lent is Professor of Communication atTemple University, in Philadelphia. He is the editor of Asian Cinema, the journal of the Asian Cinema Studies Society, which he also chairs, and is managing editor of Witty World International Cartoon Magazine.

Andrea Martignoni is an Italian musician and researcher. He is currently involved in a project at the Cinémathèque Québécoise in Montreal, where he is studying various aspects of the relationship between music, sound, and image in Canadian animation films.

William Mortiz teaches film and animation history at the California Institute of the Arts.

P. Pluie-Toile is on the faculty of Film & Television, University of Balham. This article is adapted from a paper given at the biennial conference of the International Society for Semiotics in Religion at the University of Baden Unter-Wären, in 1996.

Mark Segall has won awards for labor journalism and public service copywriting. He co-authored How To Make Love To Your Money (Delacorte,1982) with his wife, Margaret Tobin. He is also editor of ASIFA-East's aNYmator newsletter.

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