December 1996 - Vol. 1, No. 9


Editor's Notebook by Harvey Deneroff

New Media--A Ringside View of Trends in the Industry
Andrew Zucker provides a blow-by-blow description of the fate of "new media," from computer animation to interactive CD-ROMs.

Visioneering: Interactive Animation at Creative Capers
Creative Capers had a happy existence doing animation for Hollywood feature films until the CD-ROM revolution came along. Harvey Deneroff takes a peek at what's doing there animation-wise.

Lettuce Entertain You: A Visit to Sierra On-Line
Judith Shane reports on what goes on behind the scenes at one of the leading video game producers and of the latest escapades of Leisure Suit Larry and Jolly Al.

Street Fighter--From Video Game to Anime
Capcom's popular Street Fighter games have spawned a slew of movie and TV adaptations both in Japan and the US. Brian Camp reports.

Interactive Trendlines
A sampling of what some of the leading lights in interactive animation have to say about what the future has in store. Compiled by Frankie Kowalski.

Tim Burton's 'Vincent'--A Matter of Pastiche
Michael Frierson provides an in-depth look at the animated short that brought Tim Burton his first inkling of fame.

The Animated World of John Canemaker
Filmmaker, teacher and animation historian, John Canemaker has been called animation's ambassador at large. Mike Lyons explains why.

Through the Looking-Cel . . . er, Glass
A personal memoir by Linda Jones of how she and her father got started in producing and selling animation art.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas . . . and My Heart
Frankie Kowalski takes a loving peek at the Christmas classic on the occasion of its 30th anniversary.

La Cambre, an Animation School in Brussels
Philippe Moins takes a look at one of the oldest and most respected animation schools in continental European.
French version - Version française


Espinho 96: Small Is Still Beautiful
by Nedd Willard

Film Reviews

Space Jam
by Harvey Deneroff

Desert Island Series....A Little Of Dis 'n Dat.
compiled by Frankie Kowalski
Ron Mann, Sue Shakespeare, Space Jam Directors, Tony Cervone and Bruce Smith

AWN Comics

The Dirdy Birdy by John R. Dilworth


Next Issue's Highlights

Cover: KC + BB: Comic Superheroine and Sidekick flying through a CGI city from an upcoming game by Creative Capers Entertainment


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