November 1996
Volume 1 - No. 8

Editor's Notebook by Harvey Deneroff

Disneyland and Europe:
Walt Disney's First Magic Kingdom

Robin Allan examines how Disneyland, the progenitor of today's theme parks, came into being and the role animation had in it.

Something's Wrong With Our Ship:
Animated Motion-Simulator Films in Theme Parks

Judith Rubin surveys what's going on in animated ridefilms at theme parks and other venues around the world and who's making them.

BRC Imagination Arts
BRC Imagination Arts, one of the oldest and largest producers of animated and live-action ridefilms is profiled by Rita Street.

Bob Swain interviews director Jim Cameron's reworking of Terminator 2 for Universal Studios theme park in Orlando, Terminator 2-3D .

The Fremont Street Experience:
No Glitz, No Glory!

Las Vegas' Freemont Street Experience boasts of the world's largest electric sign and Jane Baer explains to Frankie Kowalski how one does animation for a 5 screen panel that is almost 1,400 feet long.

The Electric Felix Man
John Canemaker relates how Otto Messmer, the creator of Felix the Cat, got into directing animated films for a Times Square landmark.

The National Lottery: A Polemic
The unexpected success of Britain's new national lottery can be a means of mitigating the dire results of privatization in funding animated films. Jill McGreal explains.

Contracts for Original Works Published on Internet
Attorney Nicolas Valluet explores the whys and wherefores of having your work put on the Internet.

English version
Version Française - French version


Betty Boop: The Definitive Collection
by Harvey Deneroff

Festivals & Conferences

Ottawa International Animation Festival
by Gene Walz

Brisbane Animation Festival
by David Marshall

Society for Animation Studies:
8th Annual Conference

by Harvey Deneroff

Desert Island Series....Please keep your arms in the vehicle while the ride is in motion!
Scott Ross, Jane Baer and Bob Rogers
Compiled by Frankie Kowalski

AWN Comics

The Dirdy Birdy by John R. Dilworth


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