October 1996
Volume 1 - No. 7

Editor's Notebook by Harvey Deneroff

The Case of Hans Fischerkoesen
When Hans Fischerkoesen, Germany's leading producer of animated commercials, was ordered to make theatrical cartoons by the government in World War II, as William Moritz notes, he produced a trio of remarkable films which were not exactly Nazi propaganda.

Reynard the Fox and the Jew Animal
The Dutch film industry's most ambitious production during World War II was an anti-Semitic sequel to Reynard the Fox. Egbert Barten and Gerard Groeneveld detail the fascinating story behind the film's production.

Momotaro's Gods-Blessed Sea Warriors:
Japan's Unknown Wartime Feature

Fred Patten takes a look at Japan's first animated feature, a propaganda tract made at the behest of the country's military government.

Fight To The Death, But Don't Hurt Anybody!
Memories of Political Correctness

Tom Sito, fresh from his gig as head of story on Disney's Pocohantas, details his experiences over the years trying to be politically correct.

The Politics of Protectionism:
The Cartoon Forum

Jill McGreal discusses the politics of funding for animation via the European Union's CARTOON initiative, which is trying to create the infrastructure for a transnational industry.

Leaving Home
Linda Simensky ruminates on the political and other consequences of changing jobs amidst today's boom times in the animation industry.
Raimund Krumme's Character
The View From Hollywood
Raimund Krumme, one of Germany's top independent animators who is now working on a feature version of a children's classic, talks about Hollywood and the challenges posed by his new project.

Icelandic Animation
Animation in Iceland is a relatively recent (and mostly hidden) phenomenon. Giannalberto Bendazzi provides an look at frame-by-frame filmmaking in the island nation.

Desert Island Series....The Pragmatic Voice of Kibitzing?!?, compiled by Frankie Kowalski
Tom Sito, June Foray and Bob Basler.

AWN Comics

The Dirdy Birdyby John R. Dilworth


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Cover: About Reynard the Fox (Nederland Film, 1943) Courtesy of Egbert Barten.

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