September 1996
Volume 1 - No. 6

Editor's Notebook by Harvey Deneroff

Letters to the Editor

Nickelodeon Goes Global
Michael Goldman talks to Nickelodeon International's Lisa Judson about how the cable network that redefined animation for the 90s is expanding around the world.

Locomotion: The Animation Network
America's Hearst Entertainment and Venezuela's Cisneros Group are combining forces to form a new, 24-hour-a-day animation channel for Latin America. Harvey Deneroff reports.

TV's Fall Animation Lineup
A special report from Pamela Schechter detailing what's new and what's being renewed in animation on American television this coming season.

Crocadoo Entertains with Energee
Crocadoo, a new series from Energee Animation being broadcast on Australia's Nine Network, is the latest evidence of a small but thriving animation industry. Karen Paterson details what's happening with Energee down under.

So You Wanna Be An Animation Executive?
Cori Stern provides a test to see if you too can join the executive ranks at the animation company of your choice.

Listen up, It's Playtime
The GiggleBone Gang is alive and well at Seattle-based Headbone Interactive. Judith Shane explains it all.

Larry Jordan
Jackie Leger surveys the films of Larry Jordan, surrealist and master of collage animation.

Festivals, Conferences, etc.

Hiroshima 96

Anima Mundi by William Moritz

SIGGRAPH 96 by Kellie-Bea Rainey

Film Review

Joe's Apartment by John R. Dilworth

On a Desert Island With ...Be sure to bring a power source for TV compiled by Frankie Kowalski
Clare Kitson, John Coates, Gerry Travers, Fred Seibert, and Phil Roman

The Dirdy Birdy by John R. Dilworth

News Section

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Dirdy Birdy

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