October Issue Highlights

It's a Presidential election year here in the States, so we are taking the opportunity to shift our focus in October to Politics and Propaganda around the world. We will feature an interview a candid interview with Dr. Helen Caldicott, the peace and environmental activist, about the influence of children's television (including animation) on children. Jill McGreal will take a look at the politics involved in CARTOON, the European Union organization that is trying to jump start the European animation industry. Also, Fred Patten takes a look back at the first Japanese animated feature, Momotaro, Divine Sailor, made on behalf of the military government.

In addition, award-winning German animator, Raimunde Krumme, who is being honored at the Ottawa Animation Festival, will give us his views on the art of animation, while the Cartoon Network's Linda Simensky gives us her views on "leaving home," i.e., the etiquette involved when moving on to a new job in the animation industry.

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