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August 1996
Volume 1 - No. 5

Table of Contents

Editor's Notebook by Harvey Deneroff

Letters to the Editor

Anime: Hollywood's Invisible Animation Genre by Jerry Beck
Jerry Beck recounts his fascination with anime and how his frustration with Hollywood's attitude towards it led him and Carl Macek to do something about it.

A Capsule History of Anime by Fred Patten
A brief tour by Fred Patten of Japanese animation from its beginnings by hobbyists in 1917 to its current status as one of the major producing countries in the world.
Black Magic M-66

Fred Ladd: An Interview by Harvey Deneroff
In the early days of American television, anime gained a small foothold. Fred Ladd, who played a key role in this effort, recalls what happened.

Manga Entertainment: Taking Anime To The Next Stage by Mark Segall
Manga, a division of UK's Island Records, has become a major powerhouse in international anime. Mark Segall reports on the phenomena in his interview with Manga executives Mike Preece and Marvin Gleicher.

Anime In Europe by John Gosling
A survey of how anime spread through the major countries of Europe and the difficulties it encountered in terms of censorship. John Gosling reports from England.

The Hidden World Of Anime by John Gosling
John Gosling looks at some of the differences between Western and Japanese animation, as well as speculating on the various cultural influences seen in anime.

Raoul Servais: An Interview by Philippe Moins
Belgium filmmaker Raoul Servais, who recently completed his first feature, talks with Philippe Moins about his films, international festivals, and the problems of making features, among other things.
Interview de Raoul Servais par Philippe Moins, en français (in french)

Festival Reviews

Singapore Animation Fiesta by Mark Langer

On a Desert Island With ...Mango, I mean, Manga Mania!, compiled by Frankie Kowalski

The Dirdy Birdy by John Dilworth


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