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July 1996
Volume 1 - No. 4

Table of Contents

Editor's Notebook by Harvey Deneroff

The Mighty Animator: Frédéric Back by William Moritz
The director of such films as films as Crac!, The Man Who Planted Trees and The Mighty River talks with William Moritz about filmmaking, the environment and his teacher, Mathurin Méheut.

TVC, 1957-1997 by Jill McGreal
TVC, one of Britain's most innovative studios is getting ready to shut down. Jill McGreal talks to John Coates, who succeeded founder George Dunning, and celebrates 40 years of creativity.

Quirino Cristiani, The Untold Story of Argentina's Pioneer Animator by Giannalberto Bendazzi
In celebration of Quirino Cristiani's centennial, we are republishing Giannalberto's classic profile of the Italian immigrant who made the world's first two animated features.

Sue Loughlin: An Animator's Profile by Rita Street
A look at the films of Britain's Sue Loughlin, and how she explores themes relating to sports, as well as social reform and women's rights.

Robert Breer: Animator by Jackie Leger
Once of America's most prominent independent animators, Robert Breer continues to explore historical perspectives and experiment with new techniques. Jackie Leger looks at his career, past and present.

The Olympiad of Animation: An Interview with Fini LittleJohn
by Harvey Deneroff
In 1984, ASIFA-Hollywood and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences put on a unique mini-animation festival as part of Los Angeles' Olympic Arts Festival. Harvey Deneroff profiles the woman behind the Olympiad of Animation, along with listings of films, including the landmark poll of the 50 greatest animated films of all time.

Animation at the Olympics by Mark Segall
Art Culture and Technology (ACT) is attempting to bring animation to this year's Atlanta Olympics as part of an innovative multimedia installation. Mark Segall reports.

The Great Adventures of Izzy--An Olympic Hero for Kids
by Frankie Kowalski
A look at the making of the first TV special based on an Olympic games mascot.

"So, What Was It Like?" The Other Side Of Animation's Golden Age by Tom Sito
Tom Sito attempts to puncture some of the illusions about what it was like to work in Hollywood's Golden Age of Animation of the 1930s and 40s, showing it may not have been as wild and wacky as some may have thought.

When The Bunny Speaks, I Listen by Howard Beckerman
Animator Howard Beckerman explains why, "Cartoon characters are the only personalities you can trust."

No Matter What, Garfield Speaks Your Language by Pam Schechter
Attorney Pam Schechter explores the ways cartoon characters are exploited and the type of money that's involved.

Festival Reviews and Perspectives:

Cardiff 96 by Bob Swain

Zagreb 96 by Maureen Furniss

Film Reviews:

The Hunchback of Notre Dame by William Moritz

Desert Island Series...The Olympiad of Animation compiled by Frankie Kowalski
Picks from Olympiad animators Melinda Littlejohn, Raul Garcia, George Schwizgebel and Jonathan Amitay.

Tom Sito on Virgil Ross + News

Preview of Coming Attractions


Cover: The Spirit of the Olympics by Jonathan Amitay

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