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June 1996
Volume 1 - No. 3

Table of Contents

Editor's Notebook by Harvey Deneroff
The Independent Spirit and An Invitation.

Plympton's Metamorphoses by Mark Segall
Bill Plympton, the master of the outrageous, is in the midst of making his newest feature, I Married a Strange Person., in which, as Mark Segall reports, the noted animator puts us through some strange changes.

Transfixed and Goggle-Eyed by R.O. Blechman
R.O. Blechman, who has long charmed us with his films and illustrations, takes a humorous and often sardonic look at the resurgence of all things Disney and what it all means.

Shifting Realities: The Brothers Quay in the Metaphysical Realm Between Live Action and Animation by Suzanne Buchan
The Brothers Quay, those enigmatic masters of stop motion, have now come forth with The Institute Benjamenta, their first "live-action" feature. Suzanne Buchan takes a look at the film and their career.

Instinctive Decisions--Dave Borthwick, Radical Independent
by Frankie Kowalski
Dave Borthwick and bolexbrothers studios represent the best of Bristol's thriving animation underground. Their productions include the feature-length Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb, which is a far cry from the usual version of the Grimm fairy tale.

Don Bluth Goes Independent by Jerry Beck
When Don Bluth suddenly left Disney in the late 1970s to strike out on his own, it led to a chain of events that sparked today's renaissance in feature animation. Jerry Beck provides a brief memoir of the days when Bluth appeared to be animation's white knight and could do no wrong.

Lotte Reiniger by William Mortiz
The long and varied career of Lotte Reiniger, best known for her exquisite Adventures of Prince Achmed, one of the first feature-length animated films ever made, is detailed by William Moritz

Cabin-Fever Animation by Gene Walz
The recent Siberian winter in Winnipeg may have been marrow-freezing, eyeball-aching weather, but it was also perfect animation weather. Gene Walz provides a rundown of what's been happening with the likes of Neil McInnes, Cordell Barker and Brad Caslor, among others.

The Trance Experience of Zork Nemesis by Donna La Brecque
Donna La Breque interviews Activision producer Cecilia Barajas about the company's new hybrid animated-and-live action offering, Zork Nemesis--the latest in the ongoing Zork saga.

Film Reviews:

Ghost In The Shell by John R. Dilworth

Desert Island Series...Independents on the Shore!! compiled by Frankie Kowalski

News, Notes from E3 & Oslo Animation Festival.

Writers Bios

Preview of Coming Attractions

Cover: Self Portrait by Bill Plympton
© Bill Plympton

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