Animation World Magazine

May 1996
Volume 1 - No. 2

Table of Contents

Editor's Notebook by Harvey Deneroff
Women in Animation and Bill Everson

My Small Animation World by Aleksandra Korejwo
Polish animator Aleksandra Korejwo muses about life, animation, music, Disney and her salt of many colors.

Jim & Stephanie Graziano: An Interview by Harvey Deneroff
Jim and Stephanie Graziano have been behind some of the most successful TV shows around. Now DreamWorks has got them. Harvey Deneroff reports.

Out of the Animation Ghetto: Clare Kitson and Her Muffia by Jill McGreal
Over the last few years, Channel 4 has helped put a new face on British animation. Jill McGreal reports how women will lead the broadcaster into series television using the irreverent talents of Candy Guard and Sarah Ann Kennedy.

Rose Bond: An Animator's Profile by Rita Street
Independent animator Rose Bond is known for her use of mythology to explore the problems affecting humanity today. Rita Street explores her philosophy, methodology and her new foray into computer-assisted animation.

Splendid Artists: Central And East-European Women Animators by Marcin Gizycki
Communist propaganda about the role of women in and out of animation in the USSR, Poland and Czechoslovakia did not always coincide with reality. Marcin Gizycki explains why and tells what has happened since then.

Meena and Sara: Two Characters in Search of a Brighter Future for Women by Neill McKee and Christian Clark
The United Nations is using animation as a means of social change in Asia and Africa. Neill McKee and Christian Clark report from the field.

Women In Animation: Changing the World: Person by Person, Cel by Cel by Rita Street
The founder of Women in Animation reveals her personal odyssey in founding the organization.

Women in the Animation Industry--Some Thoughts by Linda Simensky
The Cartoon Network's Linda Simensky offers some personal observations on the ways women make it in today's animation industry.

Mary Ellen Bute: Seeing Sound by William Moritz
Bill Moritz chronicles the work of pioneer experimental animator Mary Ellen Bute, whose films gained an unexpected acceptance by both Hollywood and the public.

Claire Parker, An Appreciation by Giannalberto Bendazzi
Alexandre Alexeïeff usually gets the most of the credit for the pinscreen animation he did with his wife, Claire Parker. Giannalberto Bendazzi, a friend of both, examines her role in their collaboration.

Film Reviews:

James And The Giant Peach
by Wendy Jackson

All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 by Frankie Kowalski

Festival Review:

Cartoons on the Bay
by Giannalberto Bendazzi [english] [italiano]

Desert Island Series...Women always have plenty to pack!! compiled by Frankie Kowalski
Our intrepid Desert Island maven queries some women in animation about their top 10 picks for an island getaway.




Preview of Coming Attractions

Cover: Dolly Pond from Candy Guard's Pond Life: The Series on the UK's Channel 4.


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