March 1997 - Vol. 1, No. 12

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Editor's Notebook
The Thief and the Cobbler: A Modest Proposal

Letters to the Editor
ASIFA-Sanctioned Animation Festivals, Annecy.

Children's Animation, a Universal Language?
The BBC's Theresa Plummer-Andrews provides a light-hearted look at the problems and peccadilloes of producing animated children's programming for the international marketplace.

Sporn's Choice: An Independent's Struggle
New York producer Michael Sporn's commitment to making films about human issues has lately led him to animated documentaries for which the children's market has been most receptive. Janet Benn reports.

Yvonne Andersen: Profile of a Pioneer
Wendy Jackson details the career of Yvonne Andersen, founder of the Yellow Ball Workshop, and pioneer of teaching animation to children.

Folk Animation: Low Tech Art in the High Tech Age
John Serpentelli relates his experiences teaching the folk art of animation to children in Philadelphia.

Kids Making Animation:
A Sampling of Children's Animation
Workshops Around the World

A look at what's going on in a selection of children's animation workshops in North and South America, Europe and Israel.

UNICEF Draws on Talent to Advance Children's Rights
Deborah Reber provides a look on how almost 80 studios around the world joined forces to form UNICEF's International Animation Consortium for Child Rights.

The Making of Child Soldiers
John W. Rice relates how he and his fellow artists at Fil-Cartoons in the Philippines created a public service announcement for UNICEF's International Animation Consortium for Child Rights.

Trees for Life: Making Life Better
Through Fruit Trees and Animation

Heather Kenyon reports how Balbir Mathur and his organization, Trees for Life, with help from Frédérick Back, are using animation in to help people in the third world plant trees.

An Interview With George Griffin
Ann C. Phillipon talks with "quintessential independent American animator, George Griffin" about his life and art.

Going on Their Own in Vancouver
With animation booming in Vancouver, Sean Maclennan Murch explains how and why studios there are trying to sashay out of contract work and into their own properties.

Video Reviews:

The Thief and the Cobbler
by Alex Williams

Death Laughs Among Us: The Films of John Schnall
I Miss You by John Kricfalusi

by Wendy Jackson

Software Reviews:

Kids' Light Intertainment Channel
by Jami Maloney

Macromedia Flash
by Guillaume Calop

Festivals, Conferences, etc.:

Imagina 97 (French version-version française)
by Jean Segura

Brussels 97 - Bruxelles 97 (Français)
by André Joassin

1997 American International Toy Fair
by Marcy Gardner

News & Special Reports:

Special News Reports
The Oscars are Coming!

Fred Seibert Goes to MTV Networks, Visual Effects and Real-Time Animation Associations Formed, and much, much more.

On a Desert Island With . . .Three Kinder Folk and an Animator
Compiled by Wendy Jackson

AWN Comics

The Dirdy Birdy by John R. Dilworth.

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