February 1997 - Vol. 1, No. 11

Editor's Notebook
by Harvey Deneroff

Where the Action Is
Harvey Deneroff sums up the current state of America's animation industry, with an emphasis on recent mergia mania, feature films and prime time shows..

The Lyon Conference [French Version/Version Française]
Jean-Luc Ballester talks how a 1983 government proposal changed the French animation industry and how the major entertainment union used it to improve working conditions for animation artists.

The Changing Winds of Korean Animation
Chung-bae Park explains why South Korea is turning its attention to animation as part of its economic strategy for the 21st century.

Shin Dong Mun, an Old Warrior in Korean Animation
John A. Lent interviews one of the pioneers of Korean animation, who had a profound effect on the course of the nation's indigenous production.

Staying Ahead of the Game
Jerry Hibbert, drawing from his own experience, provides some thoughts on the need for production companies to embrace change.

Animation in Singapore
Gigi Hu reports on the current attempt by the island nation to bolster its fledgling animation industry.

Don't Quit Your Day Job, Work the Night Shift
Dutch filmmaker Piet Kroon contributes the first in an occasional series devoted to a day in the life of an animation artist. Herein, Kroon explores the whys and wherefors of how he balances working as an independent filmmaker while holding down a full-time job at Warner Bros.

Susan Pitt: An Animator's Journey
Jackie Leger explores the visions of painter, designer and animation filmmaker, Suzan Pitt.

In Passing

Louise Beaudet [French Version/Version Française]

Renzo Kinoshita
by Harvey Deneroff

Remembering Al
by Mark Mayerson

Festivals, Conferences, etc.

NATPE '97: The Buzz of the Biz!
by Susan Hornik

Heard at NATPE 97
by Wendy Jackson


Desert Island Series . . . Animation Industry-ites
Piet Kroon, Pat Raine Webb, Jerry Hibbert, Steve Hulett, Jeff Massie and Georges Lacroix.

AWN Comics

The Dirdy Birdy by John R. Dilworth.

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Writer's Bios

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Cover: Raven in Ralph Bakshi's Spicy City, his forthcoming series for Home Box Office premiering in July. © 1997 HBO Animation.

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